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Vans RV aircraft for sale



1986 Vans RV-3A for sale -
TTAF: 449, Lycoming O-320-E2D, SMOH: 2449 (unknown) Aircraft Was unused/hangared between 1989-2014. When bought back into service, the original engine log was missing and the FAA directed that a new engine log be established with a start of 2000 SMOH Avionics: Garmin SL-40, FL-760A Comm, GT50 Flight Data System, KX76, EGT/CHT, ADS-B In/Out Hangared, Condition Inspection Due 05/2024......more.

Karlsson Aviation - 803-556-1241




Vans RV-8 Project  for sale -
RV8 PROJECT 90% COMPLETE • $125,000 • ACCEPTING OFFERS • RV-8 90% quickbuild ready for assembly and inspection. Dual screen Dynon Skyview all glass panel. Flightline interior. Lyc.IO360,Sensenich fixed pitch prop,one e-mag, one slick,2 back up batteries, xpndr, ADSB dual band, Skyview com, stereo intercom, skyview autopilot, GPS, EFIS with wifi, ELT. All parts zero time, no laser cuts. ......more.


$37,500 OBO Will Consider All Trades

2004 VANS RV7-A for sale -
2004 Vans RV7-A This aircraft was completed in 2004, but will have to be recertified in the new owners name. Aircraft is not in an airworthy condition. Will need to be disassembled and shipped to new owner. This kit will need a new firewall forward, as it has a Subaru Motor. There are no logbooks, however the aircraft was flown 220 hours by the previous owner. Gross weight 1,800 lbs. Empty wei......more.

Terry Sonday - 281-467-4348




2004 Vans RV-8 for sale -
2004 VANS RV8A, 56 HOURS $150,000 FOR SALE Aircraft meticulously constructed over six years by retired fighter pilot with 32 years of high-performance aircraft experience. Built for safe cross-country flight, full IFR with the best instrumentation and backup contingency electronics available during build. After certification, testing, and cross-country flight, it has been hangered for 18 years du......more.

Robb Parr - 713-854-5134




2007 Vans RV-6A for sale -

David Thomason - 772-205-8867




2007 Vans RV-9 for sale -
Airframe: TTAF: 388 Engines: Lycoming 0320 A2B 160hp; cruise at 170mph on 7gph Time: 388 Props: Hartzell constant speed prop;......more.

Joe Cosgrove - 406-799-1151




2009 Vans RV-7A for sale -

Aircraft Bidder - 937-418-4498




2015 Vans RV-10 for sale -
Airframe: TTAF: 375 Engines: 260 HP Time: 375 Props: Time: 375 Don't miss the chance to own this aircraft. Click here for more details..



Vans RV7A for sale -
Selling my Vans rv7A project ,way past quick build stage , everything you need to complete the plane no LCP ,new IO-390exp 119, 300 series 3 blade wwind prop, dual b&c alt,dual EarthX batts ,Aveo zip tips installed ,TSflightlines brakes,oil,and fuel lines,EFIIsys32 w/bus manager classic aero interior, complete Advance flight sys panel already installed. Ifr package dual 6600 screens,ifd540,av30 AP......more.



2016 Vans RV-4 for sale -
Engine Lycoming E2D 150 HP 112 SMOH by AEA, Tach & Total Time of Aircraft 112 Hrs, Everything New & Always Hangered GND Adjust SEN Prop Senenich Composite, Electric Flaps Crow Seat Belts, F.U.N.K.E Radio & Transponder GT50, Garmin 760 GPS, Oil Cooler has Door for cold weather warm-up, Long Legged RV-4, Door Cooling Front Cockpit & Rear Passenger Condition Inspection Date 2-2-2024, 727 Seneni......more.

Frank Potter - 406-381-0828




2018 Vans RV-12 Elsa for sale -
Airframe: TTAF: 229.6 Engines: Modern UL full FADEC 350iS aircraft engine 130hp Time: 71 Props: Air/oil cooled CNC machined engine driving Whirlwind UL350 3 blade composite prop......more.

Raymond Fraze - 520-678-0440




VANS RV-12 for sale -
Airframe: TTAF: 640 Engines: Rotax 912ULS Don't miss the chance to own this aircraft. Click here for more details..



Vans RV-9A for sale -
Airframe: TTAF: 1235 Engines: O320 160 HP (Cruise 165 kts at 7.5 gph) Time: 87 SMOH by Triad Aviation......more.

Jim Danborn - 239 821 0466



2021 Vans RV-14 for sale -
Stunning 2021 RV14 For Sale 298,000 US. 146 TT. No laser cut parts. Certified IFR. YIO-390-EXP119 Airframe: TTAF: 146 Props: Hartzell HCC2YR-1BFP/F7497-2 Prop......more.

Calvin Sproute - 902-245-8383




2022 Vans RV-12IS for sale -
2022 Vans RV-12iS N926EN S/N:121212 TTSN:112 / *Montgomery HS (TX) 3rd Build *Rotax Limited Edition Engine includes additional 3-yr warranty *Exterior:Unpainted *Interior:cabin and baggage area epoxy prime and acrylic top coat *Front Cabin:carpet, side panels, Koger shade *Dynon HDX, autopilot, ADSB out/in, AOA, wifi to portable devices, harness includes connections for 2nd HDX display and CO dete......more.