The Diamond DA-20 is a one-pilot, one-passenger aircraft built as a training aircraft for both civil and military uses, but also popular with amateur pilots. Introduced in 1992, it is still being produced today. The aircraft utilizes the Continental IO-240-B3B engine, has a wingspan of just over 35ft, and an empty weight of 1,166lb. It can take off with a maximum weight of 1,764lb. The cruise speed is rated at 159 mph with a stall speed of 42 knots. The climb rate of the Diamond DA-20 is 1,000 ft per minute. This aircraft is noted for its high glide ratio - outperforming many competitors in this regard - at 11:1 for the DA20-C1. Several variants were developed. The DA20 C-1 Katana Eclipse has a 125 hp engine which weighs around 70 pounds more than the original engine. Several small modifications were made to this variant to accommodate the heavier engine. The DA20 is built of composite materials in the airframe, consisting of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and glass. Instead of yokes, this aircraft has control sticks and as of 2009, a Garmin G500 glass cockpit is now an option for new purchasers. Take a look at our current listing of Diamond DA-20 for sale below. Please have a look at our inventory of Diamond DA40 for sale as well.


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