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Aircraft For Sale by International Aviation Marketing
Description PriceState Country Reg. No. Serial No.
2018 Eurocopter H145 T2 for sale$6,900,000 USDDEYOM 2018
2017 Agusta AW169 for Sale or LeaseMake an OfferGBYOM 2017
2013 Eurocopter EC225LP for SaleMake an OfferGBYOM 2013
2013 Airbus AS350B-2 for Sale$1,800,000 USDBR7659
2013 Sikorsky S-76D for SaleMake an OfferUS761009
2012 Cessna Citation Mustang for Sale$2,250,000 USDBR510-0401
2012 Bell 429 for saleMake an OfferMX57082
2012 Sikorsky S-92A for SaleMake an OfferUS920165
2012 Bell 412 EP for Sale$8,250,000 USDMX36603
2011 MIL Mi-171 for SaleMake an OfferBRA01076105304U
2009 Sikorsky S-76C++ for SaleMake an OfferPL760764
2009 Bell 407 for Sale$2,100,000 USDMX53936
2008 Sikorsky S-92A Helicopter for Sale$14,900,000 USDBCBR920099
2008 Sikorsky S-76C++ for Sale$4,100,000 USDBR760705
2008 Sikorsky S-76C++ for SaleMake an OfferBR760704
2008 VVIP Sikorsky S-76C++ for Sale$6,500,000 USDUSTBATBA
2008 Eurocopter AS355NP for Sale$2,800,000 USDCA5757
2008 VVIP Sikorsky S-76C++ for Sale$6,750,000 USDIN760713
2008 Bell 412EP for SaleMake an OfferNG36495
2007 Bell 412EP For Sale$6,800,000 USDMX36443
2007 AgustaWestland AW139 for Sale or LeaseMake an OfferLAUS31070
2007 Sikorsky S-76C++ for Sale or LeasePlease callUS760684
2006 VIP Bell 407for Sale$1,975,000 USDMX53694
2006 VVIP AW139 Helicopter in Immaculate condition$7,750,000.00US31063
2006 Bell 412EP for Sale or Lease$5,500,000 USDBCCA36404
2006 Bell 206 L-4 for sale$1,500,000 USDUSYOM 2006
2006 Eurocopter EC135P2+ for Sale$2,650,000 USDBR0530
2005 VVIP Agusta A109E Power for Sale$1,500,000 USDBR11624
2005 Sikorsky S-76C+ for LeasePlease CallUS760583
2005 Sikorsky S-76C+ for Sale or LeaseMake an OfferUS760588
2005 Eurocopter EC135 P2 for Sale$2,850,000.00US
2005 Eurocopter EC135P2$2,200,000 USDBR0373
2005 Agusta AB139 for Sale$8,500,000 USDUS31006
2005 Eurocopter EC135 P2 for Sale or Lease$2,750,000 EurosBR0378
2004 Eurocopter EC 135P2 for SaleMake an OfferBR0369
2004 Bell 412EP for Sale$4,900,000 USDPE36330
2004 Eurocopter AS365 N3 for Sale$3,500,000 USDPT6687
2003 Sikorksy S-76 C+ for Sale$1,395,000 USDBR760549
2002 Eurocopter EC120B for SaleMake an OfferAU1281
2001 Agusta A109 E Power for Sale$1,325,000 USDGB11111
2001 Eurocopter EC155B Helicopter and Spare partsMake an OfferNG6611
2001 Agusta A109E Power for Sale or LeaseMake an OfferUS11114
2000 Eurocopter AS332L2 for Sale, Lease or FinanceMake an OfferPLYOM 2000
2000 Eurocopter AS355N for Sale$1,300,000 USDCA5686
2000 Eurocopter AS350B-3 for Sale$1,200,000 USDID3374
2000 Sikorsky S76C+ for sale$3,750,000.00BCCA760512
2000 Sikorsky S-92A for Sale or LeaseMake an OfferBCNO920014
1999 Sikorsky S76C+ for LeaseInquireUS760498
1999 Eurocopter AS 355N for Sale$1,800,000 USDCA5673
1999 Bell 206L-4 for Sale$1,350,000 USDCA52226
1998 Bell 412 EP for SaleMake an OfferQA36199
1998 Eurocopter BO 105 LSA-3 for saleMake an OfferBCCA2052
1997 VIP Bell 407 for Sale$1,850,000 USDZA53098
1997 Eurocopter AS365N-2 for Sale$1,900,000 USDCA6526
1996 Eurocopter BO105 CBS-5 for SaleMake an OfferMZS-913
1996 Eurocopter AS530 B2 for Sale$935,000 USDCA2959
1995 Bell 230 for Sale$1,100,000 USDUY23038
1993 Sikorsky S76C Helicopter for Sale$1,350,000.00AU760408
1991 Bell 412HP for Sale or Lease$2,000,000 USDAU36024
1989 Bell 412 HP for SaleMake an OfferQA33205
1985 Bell 412 SP for SaleMake an OfferQA33116
1985 Eurocopter BK117B2 for Sale$1,300,000.00ES7056
1982 Eurocopter SA365N Helicopter for Sale$1,000,000.00BR6030
1980 Bell 222 for SaleMake an OfferPT47028
1980 Bell 212 for Sale$1,650,000 USDBR31132
1980 Bell 222 UT for SaleMake an OfferPA47532
1980 Bell 206 L-1 C30P for Sale$650,000 USDUS45376
1980 Eurocopter AS350BA for Sale$650,000 USDCA1374
1978 Bell 212 for saleMake an OfferQA30902
1978 DeHavilland DHC6-300 for sale$3,950,000 USDAU573
1978 Bell 212 Available for Sale or Lease$2,100,000 USDZA30893
1978 Sikorsky S-61N for Sale or Lease$2,750,000.00BCZA61778
1978 Eurocopter AS350BA+ Hull and Tailboom only$90,000 USDCA
1976 Bell 205A-1++ (BLR Fast Fin) For Sale$3,350,000 USDBCCA30230
1975 Bell 205A-1+ Helicopter for Sale$2,500,000 USDBCCA30168
1975 Bell 205A1++ (BLR FastFin) for Sale$3,150,000 USDBCCA30198
1973DeHavilland DHC6-300 for Sale$3,100,000 USdAU381
1968 Bell 205A-1 for Sale$2,450,000 USDCATBA
1957 Convair CV580 Cargo for Sale or Lease$1,200,000.00ZA458
1953 Convair CV580 for Sale or Lease$650,000.00ZA141