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JetBrokers, Inc. creates satisfied customers by providing unsurpassed service. We follow the law of agency and pledge the utmost truth, honesty and integrity to all clients that we represent.


At JetBrokers, Inc. we diligently pursue the best outcome for every aircraft seller or purchaser we represent. In short, we strive to bring our customers an aircraft deal that they are satisfied with - so that we add another repeat customer to our extensive client list.


In any task the optimum results are achieved by experienced professionals using proper tools. JetBrokers achieves the desired results for you through:
� Sixty years of aircraft sales research and experience
� In-house database with over 17,000 corporate aircraft owners and operators
� Worldwide research network
� FAA Transaction reports
� Accurate direct mail lists
� Aircraft sales contract and documents expertise
� Experience with like-kind exchange transactions conforming to the IRS code
� Assistance with aircraft financing


For both acquisition and disposition clients, JetBrokers, Inc. provides a complete and accurate market survey to determine prices. This report includes:
� Supply
� Market asking prices
� Recent selling prices
� Condition of aircraft sold
� Time on marketplace
� FAA lien records
We also supply a technical review which analyzes aircraft condition. This technical analysis includes:
� Inspection Status
� Service Bulletin compliance
� Avionics equipment
� Modifications
� Cosmetic condition

JetBrokers furnishes you with timely reports on our activities in your behalf. We also keep you aware of on-going market conditions. In addition, JetBrokers coordinates all demonstration flights and immediately reports the results to brokerage clients. Finally, JetBrokers monitors the pre-purchase inspection for acquisition clients and provides a daily status report.


JetBrokers, Inc. accepts inventory consignment (exclusive listings) only after reviewing the condition of the aircraft and its records. This policy ensures that the aircraft is accurately represented to prospective purchasers. Prior to executing a listing agreement, we also assist brokerage clients in establishing the aircraft's value and assist in setting the asking price.

JetBrokers prepares a customized marketing plan for each brokerage client. Based on a marketing plan you approve, JetBrokers, Inc. will pay for all marketing including:
� Media advertisements
� Direct mail
� Photography
� Internet
� Telecommunications
Elements of our successful marketing programs include:
� Effective ad placement
� Direct mail targets
� Brochure development
� Multi-listing services
� Cooperative brokers
� Telephone campaign

JetBrokers, Inc. qualifies prospects for you, prior to demonstration flights. Likewise, we assume responsibility for collecting all agreed-upon demonstration costs.


JetBrokers' past and present clients include companies that range from Fortune 500 to individual businessmen. These clients are proof of JetBrokers' customer-centered commitment. Just ask, and JetBrokers will be happy to furnish you with these references.


If you or your company is considering corporate aircraft alternatives, call JetBrokers, Inc. Discover for yourself why so many others regard JetBrokers as the only choice for corporate aircraft brokerage and acquisition services