The Cessna 210 seated four and is powered by a 260 horsepower engine, while the Cessna 210 Centurion was a high performance six seat aircraft. It has retractable gears and its first flight was in January of nineteen fifty seven. The last production of Cessna 210 Centurion was in nineteen eighty-five. In nineteen sixty-one the Cessna 210 was redesigned. The fuselage was deconstructed and was built wider and deeper. The plane also was given an additional window. This Cessna 210 was offered with a naturally aspirated model and the T210/P210 was powered by a turbocharged engine. There are over twenty six variants of the Cessna 210 and the pressurized models were the most manufactured. Some of the rarest models and more expensive models were the T210R and P210R. These two models were only built for roughly a year and were built in limited quantities. We carry an array of Cessna 182 for sale for sale as well. If you’re in the market for a Cessna 210 you came to the right site. We have an array of Cessna 210 for sale. Please check our Cessna inventory below.

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Cessna 210 Aircraft for Sale

Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1960 CESSNA 210$43,900.003425US-FLN6531X57531
1962 CESSNA 210B BUSH STOL KIT$54,900.001977US-PAN456DH21058042
1962 Cessna 210BInquire2760US-WAN9596X21057896
1963 Cessna 210C$64,900.006575US-OKN9786X
1964 Cessna 210-D$69,900.004628US-VAN3947Y 21058447
1964 Cessna 210D Centurion$77,500.003785US-OKN3774Y21058274
1965 CESSNA 210$75,000.005602CA-ABC-GUYN21085842
1966 Cessna T210F$66,900.000US-N6743RT210-0143
1968 Cessna 210$79,000.003845US-ILN122F21058967
1973 Cessna 210L$80,000.003701-MTN26CR21060084
1973 CESSNA TURBO 210L$169,500.004250CA-ABN210NY21060036
1974 Cessna T210L Centurion$99,900.004790US-WIN997R21060386
1975 Cessna 210$99,900.004863US-OKN1759X21060780
1976 Cessna 210L$129,000.003515US-ILN732EZ21061469
1976 CESSNA 210LInquire2580US-NDN176LL
1976 Cessna T210L Centurion$134,900.003128US-WIN2350S21061252
1977 Cessna 210M19068US-OKN732ST21061744
1977 Cessna 210M15813US-OKN9489M21062081
1977 Cessna T210M$105,000.003095US-KSN761CB
1977 CESSNA 210$127,500.002863US-TXN777RR21061729
1977 CESSNA TURBO 210M$164,000.002020US-NVN48AL21061658
1978 Cessna Pressurized 210 Centurion$149,900.002715US-OHN4813P
1979 CESSNA P210N$199,000.004295US-ILN12JGP21000365
1979 Cessna Turbine P210Inquire2734US-CAN508TMP21000258
1979 Cessna Turbine P210Inquire3132US-CAN1942XP21000296
1979 Cessna Turbine P210Inquire3240US-CAN240BCP21000221
1979 Cessna 210$125,000 USD3931US-ABC-FBYN21063470
1979 CESSNA TURBO 210N$134,900.003980US-NVN5516A21063475
1979 CESSNA P210NInquire3700US-TXN4629KP21000247
1980 Cessna Turbine P210Inquire2727US-CAN231PTP21000551
1980 Cessna Turbine P210Inquire4160US-CAN212SBP21000489
1980 Cessna P210N Javelin$299,500.002600US-OKN999MBP21000573
1981 Cessna P210N3244CA-ON C-FMSD
1981 Cessna P210N$199,500.003232US-SCN6215WP210-00733
1981 Cessna P210N Inquire2759US-TXN5107W P21000640
1981 Cessna P210N Centurion$249,900.003486US-NYN21492P21000641
1981 CESSNA P210 SILVER EAGLEInquire2960US-FLN50DHP2100666
1982 Cessna Turbine P210Inquire2651US-CAN47849P21000762
1982 Cessna Turbine P210Inquire3853US-CAN444SEP21000763
1983 Cessna T210N $155,000.003000CA-ONC-GRST21064820