The Cirrus SR22 was first introduced in 2001 by Cirrus Aircraft. The Cirrus SR22 is powered by a 310 horsepower Continental IO 550 six cylinder engine. It has a tricycle landing gear and seats four people. It has a larger wing and engine than its Cirrus SR20 predecessor. The Cirrus SR22 is very popular model for new aircraft sales. It has been rated as the best seller for four seat and single engine aircraft for the past several years. The Cirrus SR22 is best known for its safety chute. The aircraft is equipped with an emergency parachute that can safely lower the entire aircraft to ground if needed. This safety feature is known as the Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS). The new base price of this aircraft is $619,900. There are many upgrades available for the SR22. Cirrus Aircraft offers a turbocharged model as well as glass cockpit upgrades. The Cirrus SR22 is mainly used for air charter and small air taxi companies. Some general characteristics include: 38 foot wingspan, gross weight 3,400lbs, 92 gallon fuel capacity, and three bladed propeller. The cruising speed of this aircraft is 185 knots and it has a 1,049 nautical mile range. If you like Cirrus aircraft please have a look at our Mooney aircraft as well. We carry an extensive inventory of Cirrus aircraft for sale. Please take a look at our Cirrus SR22 for sale.

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Cirrus Aircraft for Sale

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Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
2000 Cirrus SR20$94,950.001798US-CON176CD1048
2000 CIRRUS SR20$114,000.001196US-NVN175CD1065
2001 CIRRUS SR20 Inquire1090US-TXN230CD
2002 Cirrus SR22$154,900.001065US-NCN685DM0322
2002 Cirrus SR22 $154,900.001065US-NCN685DM0322
2002 Cirrus SR-22Inquire975US-FL
2002 Cirrus SR22 $139,500.001329US-SCN843CD0160
2002 Cirrus SR22$162,500.00956US-NVN815CD 0149
2002 Cirrus SR20$114,900.002976US-KYN937CD
2002 Cirrus SR22T GTS XI$649,000.00175US-NVN1500Z0344
2003 Cirrus SR22$224,900.001959US-OKN224PRN224PR
2003 Cirrus SR 22$165,000.001849US-OR6171Z0635
2003 Cirrus SR22$179,900.001250US-NVN6083D0612
2003 CIRRUS SR22$174,000.00885US-NVN383GM0555
2003 Cirrus SR20Inquire1256US-TNN267CD1284
2003 Cirrus SR22 Centennial Edition$209,900.00944US-KYN8143D
2003 Cirrus SR22$205,000.001160US-NVN906CD 0523
2003 Cirrus SR22 $159,500.001875US-NC N1336C 0483
2003 CIRRUS SR20$159,000.002017US-NVN968VT1349
2003 CIRRUS SR22$239,000.001138US-VAN321AZ
2003 CIRRUS SR221050US-MIN6005L0563
2004 CIRRUS SR20-G2$159,000.001066US-NVN446CD1446
2004 CIRRUS SR20-G2 $154,000.001500US-NVN788JN1427
2004 Cirrus SR20-G1$145,000.001275US-NVN325Z1407
2004 CIRRUS SR20-G2918US-NVN433MJ
2004 Cirrus SR20$135,000.001711US-MON529151411
2004 Cirrus SR22 G2 $199,500.00878US-NEN226CH0875
2005 CIRRUS SR-22 GTS$209,900.001060US-OHN312DA
2005 Cirrus SR20$169,900.001762US-KYN608BR
2005 Cirrus SR22 G2$219,500.001119US-MON424BD1723
2005 Cirrus SR22-GTS$239,000.001810US-NVN444ES1715
2005 Cirrus SR20$169,900.001762US-KYN608BR
2005 Cirrus SR22-G2 $289,000.00425US-NVN25ML1571
2005 Cirrus SR22 G2 GTS$184,900.001850US-KYN828AB
2005 CIRRUS SR22-GTS$195,000.001630US-NVN834AK1288
2006 Cirrus SR22-GTS$269,000.00897US-NVN919SE2215
2006 CIRRUS SR22-G2$200,000.001600US-FLN422TB1888
2006 CIRRUS SR20-G2$169,900.00900US-NVN706RH1690
2006 CIRRUS SR22-GTS $249,000.001150US-NVN329A2242
2006 Cirrus SR22-GTS$259,000.001040US-NVN920AW1979
2006 CIRRUS SR22Inquire1250US-ILN629LF2189
2006 Cirrus SR22-GTS$283,000.00825US-NVN598SR2045
2006 Cirrus SR22 G2 Turbo$299,000.001311US-NVN558SR2193
2007 CIRRUS SR22-G3 TURBO1319US-NVN646BD2798
2007 Cirrus SR22-G3 GTS Turbo$345,000.001176US-NVN795EE 2804
2007 Cirrus SR22-G3 GTS Turbo$305,000.00405US-NVN685SR2586
2007 Cirrus SR22-G3$289,000.001517US-NVN110FL2813
2007 CIRRUS SR22 TURBO GTSInquire1704US-PAN404PE
2007 Cirrus SR22 GTS1142US-KYN417MM
2007 CIRRUS SR22-G3 TURBO GTS$314,900.001280US-NVN424SR 2464
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