The Mooney M20 is mainly used for personal civil use. It was introduced to the aviation market in 1955 by Mooney Airplane Company. In 2008, TheMooney Aircraft Company ended its production of the M20. The production halt was mainly due to the slow times and recession. The Mooney M20 is a propelled by a piston engine and it features a tricycle landing gear. There have been a lot of variants of the original M20 over the past fifty years. These variants consisted of the wooden wing M20 all the way through the model M20TN. The Mooney M20 for salein the 1960’s was made out of all metal, unlike its wooden predecessor. All M20 models stored their fuel in two different fuel tanks known as wet wing tanks. The fuel flowed directly from the gas tanks to the carburetor or fuel injectors by an engine driven fuel pump. The engine driven pump was also backed by an electric boos pump. This aircraft seated a total of four people. The length of the Mooney was almost 27 feet long and it had a wing span of 36.5 feet. The Mooney M20 was very comparable to the Cirrus SR22. If you have been looking for a new or used Mooney for sale, you’ve come to the right website. Please take a look at our extensive inventory of Mooney for sale below.

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Mooney Aircraft for Sale

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Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
Mooney 231Inquire3400-FLN231WH
1959 MOONEY MARK 20A$26,346.002787CA-ABC-FVAA1280
1963 Mooney M20C$32,500.006043US-NJN6615U110
1963 MOONEY M20C$35,000.004915US-CAN6719U2451
1964 Mooney M20E$30,000.004150US-N6945U
1964 Mooney M20C$34,900.000US-N6903U2698
1966 Mooney M20E Super 21$59,900.004063US-MNN2797W1073
1966 Mooney M20E $34,000.004409US-NYN3393X
1966 Mooney M20E Super 21$40,000.002000US-CO
1966 MOONEY M20E SUPER 21$55,500.004025US-TXN6082Q907
1966 Mooney M20E$55,900 OBO2525-GAN21776986
1967 MOONEY M20E SUPER 21$125,000.005210US-TXN3215F670008
1968 Mooney M20C$29,500.003800US-NVN6909N
1969 Mooney M20F Executive$49,500.006073US-OHN10CH 690048
1969 MOONEY M20C RANGER$64,000.002725US-TXN9170V690032
1975 Mooney M20F$59,000.007071-MSN6865V22-1258
1975 Mooney M20F Exec 21$54,000.002786-GAN6924V22-1304
1976 Mooney M20F$64,500.002845US-AZN7027V
1977 Mooney 201 - 7400TT - 200 SMOH - SHARP! $64,900.007400US-NJN201PH
1978 MOONEY M20C RANGER$66,500.002660US-TXN3609H20-1245
1978 MOONEY M20J 201$71,000.003670US-CAN201BP24-0427
1979 Mooney M20 K$75,000.000US-N231GH25-0047
1979 MOONEY M20K 231$105,000.003325US-TXN231CK25-0143
1979 Mooney M20K 231 TurboInquire2816US-CAN231MP25-0049
1979 Mooney M20K 231 Turbo$69,600.001850US-NCN231CJ25-0057
1979 Mooney M20J$78,500.003712-TX819SM24-0802
1980 Mooney M20K 231$94,950.003550US-NVN403LA25-0439
1980 Mooney M20 J 2010US-N3768H24-0935
1980 Mooney M20K$115,000.003300US-TXN56GD
1980 Mooney M20J 201 $79,900.002911US-CAN3875H24-0970
1981 Mooney M20K 231$35,000.003900-QCC-FMGV25-0580
1983 Mooney 201$74,500.004558US-NCN5608Y24-1361
1985 MOONEY M20J 201$119,000.001580US-TXN5807T24-1543
1986 MOONEY M20K 252TSE$149,000.002890US-TXN252MX25-1049
1986 MOONEY M20J 201$106,500.003470US-TXN1999W24-1564
1987 MOONEY M20J 205$114,900.001800US-TXN205MA24-3003
1989 Mooney M20M TLS/Bravo3172US-NVN1088F
1989 MOONEY M20M BRAVO$149,000.002175US-TXN1088S27-0024
1989 Mooney M20J 201$105,000.002400-NCN111ZX24-3105
1990 Mooney M20M TLS Bravo$125,000.001455US-FLN1084G27-0028
1992 MOONEY M20J MSE$149,500.00700US-IL747LC24-3259
1994 MOONEY M20M BRAVO$167,000.001230US-ILN3158L27-0189
1994 MOONEY M20J MSE$160,000.002338US-CAN9155X24-3336
1996 Mooney Bravo M20MInquire1300US-FLN9153Z27-0209
1996 MOONEY M20M BRAVO$199,000.002900US-TXN243CW27-0212
1997 MOONEY M20M BRAVO$229,000.001325US-TXN355RZ27-0235
1998 Mooney M20M Bravo$209,000.001810-BCC-GGPG27-0242
1999 MOONEY M20R OVATION2$219,000.001075US-TXN7933929-0171
2000 Mooney M20M Bravo$279,000.00503-CTN/AN/A
2000 Mooney M20M Bravo$235,000.00755US-FLN1012C27-0306
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