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Reg # N6890L


  • 1981 PIPER AEROSTAR Photo 2
  • 1981 PIPER AEROSTAR Photo 3
  • 1981 PIPER AEROSTAR Photo 4
  • 1981 PIPER AEROSTAR Photo 5
  • 1981 PIPER AEROSTAR Photo 6


1981 Piper Aerostar 601B / MERLYN 700 CONVERSION

Total Time: 3,169.1

Engine 1:
Lycoming TIO-540-AA1A5
Turbo-GAMI Injectors.
OH 3/93 by Textron Lycoming (Montoursville, PA)
220.0 hours STOP OH (2016)
(most recent compressions 77/77/78/78/77/78)-“clean” oil analysis
Serial Number Left: L-20312-48AC
209.7 hours since propeller overhaul-LEFT (OH Dec 2015 by Sensenich)

Engine 2:
Lycoming TIO-540-AA1A5
Turbo-GAMI Injectors.
OH 3/97 by Textron Lycoming (Montoursville, PA)
220.0 hours STOP OH (2016)
(most recent compressions 78/76/76/7/78/76)-“clean” oil analysis
Serial Number Right: L-20881-48AC
209.7 hours since propeller overhaul-RIGHT (OH Dec 2015 by Sensenich)


Some avionics may require activation and subscription fees.
• Brand new fabricated panel 7/2022
• RC Allen RCA 2600-2 Standby Digital Attitude Indicator
• Avidyne IFD-550 (July 2022)
• Avidyne IFD-540
• Aspen EFD-1000 Max PFD w/BU Battery (July 2022)
• Aspen EFD-1000 Max MFD w/BU Battery (July 2022) ADS-B w/Weather and Traffic displayed on MFD/PFD
• S-TEC 3100 Autopilot System (July 2022)
• Garmin GI-275 Glideslope
• AMX240 Audio
• Emerging Life Technologies 406 MHz ELT (July 2022) (ELT Remote Switch)
• JPI EDM-790 Digital Engine Monitor
• Shadin Digiflo-L Digital Fuel Flow
• L3 Lynx NGT-9000D Transponder ADS-B In/Out
• EI Inc Smart Hub Charger w/5 portspanel mounted
• Pegasus Compass
• Alpha Systems Eagle AOA System


Top-Moon Dust, Bottom, Tan, Trim Shahara Tan, Mustard, and Orange (May ’89 by Cimarron)


Tan leather with coordinating carpet, side panels, and headliner.

Additional Equipment

• Known Ice
• Useful Load: 1,632 lbs (weighed July 2022)
• GW 6,029.0. EW 4,397.0
• Original and complete logbooks since new
• IFR Certification by XP Services July 2022
• Annual Scheduled for Sept 2022
• Annual by Aerostar World at Hobbs 3127.6
• CorrosionX Treatment by Aerostar World (2018)
• 44 gallon (usable) Auxiliary Fuel
• VG’s, Rudder seals, Stall Strips and Strakes
• Engine Fire Detection
• Prop Sync
• Dual Appareo Stratus USB Ports
• New Aux tank filler gasket and retaining ring (7/2022)
• New Marsh Brothers Wiebel Nose Landing Gear Kit and Torque Ling Bushing Kit (STC SA03484NY)-July 2022
• Integrated Oxygen
• Whelen Parmetheus Landing Light
• Gill Dry-Charged Lead-Acid Batteries
• LED Tail Beacon Lights
• Weldon Fuel Boost Pump Overhauled (2019)
• Wing Fuel Tank Vent/Expansion Line Kit per SB 600-126
• Option #144 Static Discharge Wicks
• Option #241 Inconel Tailpipes
• Option #244 Aux Fuel Tank w/SB#76-009 New Aux Fuel Transfer Pump
• Option #245 Heavy Duty Brakes
• Option #250 VG’s
• Option #251 Fireproof Hoses
• Option #252 Crankcase Oil Breather
• SB #600-134A Main Landing Gear Side Braces

Modifications / Conversions

o SA4156NM Merlyn Products Samurai 350 Conversion (Aug 1994 Conversion)
o SA4976NM Machen Tailpipe Assemblies
o SA4009NM Merlyn Products Induction Air Intercooler System
o SA2143NM Machen Vortex Generators, Fairings, Rudder Seals Stall Strips and Strakes
o SA2612NM Machen Fire Resistant Fuel and Oil Lines
o SA00343BO Avidyne IFD550
o SA09764DS S-TEC 3100 DFCS
o SA10822SC Aspen EFD1000 EFIS
o SA01695SE Garmin Antenna
o SA03484NY Wiebel Nose Landing Gear Kit
o SE09445SC TurboGAMI Injector Kit
o SA4777NM Machen Inc Oil Breather Separator System
o SA1608NM Machen Auxiliary Fuel Tank System
o SA1720GL Wastegate Actuator Filter Kit
o SA4790NM Cleveland Brakes Kit
o SA611GL Shadin Fuel Flow Meter
o SA5467NM G&D Aero Tinted Thermal Pane Window Inserts

Murfreesboro Aviation


Phone: (615) 494-1900

Alternate Phone: (615) 948-0008

Fax: (615) 217-2010

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