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Inactive Ad

The ad you requested is no longer active, however you may be interested in some of the following Airbus EC 120/130/135/145/155 ads:



1983 Airbus BO-105 CBS-4 for sale -

Reg. #: C-GGGM

TT: 11810

Airframe: 11,810 TTSN 29,910 Landings Left Engine: RR 250-C20B - S/N CAE-834772 Compressor - 1,729 Hours Remaining Turbine - 2,127 Hours Remaining Right Engine: RR 250-C20B - S/N CAE-834773 Compressor - 3,500 Hours Remaining Turbine - 3,175 Hours Remaining......more.

TransGlobal Aviation - 905-853-5965




2000 Airbus EC120 B for sale -
Airframe: 4262 TTSN Engine: Arrius 2F 1184 TTSN Don't miss the chance to own this aircraft. Click here for more details..

TransGlobal Aviation - 905-853-5965




2020 AIRBUS EC145 for sale -
2017 “NEW” EC 145E “e-lite” EMS or VIP, DPIFR, new ship warranty Delivering 'green ship" in 90-120 days to customer specs: . Spacious interior with a large unobstructed flat floor cabin providing excellent cockpit visibility for pilots/crew as well as unrivalled loading capability from the rear and side. . Flexibility in role change including rapidly interchangeable optional equipment, s......more.

Groenemann & Summit Aircraft Sales - 817-266-8788