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1995 BELL 206B III

Reg # N67356


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Dual Pilot IFR CERTIFIED aircraft. Excellent Component Residual Value at 69.8%. This is a one-owner helicopter and has been operated and maintained since new in accordance with Bell Helicopter Flight Manual Limitations and Maintenance Manual Procedures.

- Intellistart System: (Provides auto start capability thereby minimizing risk of engine hot starts.)
- Digital TOT Gauge: (Provides more accurate reading for TOT compared to analog gauge.)
- Pilot/Co-Pilot Energy Attenuating Seats: (Significantly reduces potential for injury from hard landing.)
- Pilot/Co-Pilot 5 Point Restraint System: (Significantly reduces potential for injury from hard landing.)
- Barrier Filter: (Increased protection from FOD and general dust/dirt ingestion into engine)
- Dual Pitot Tubes: (Provides alternate Pitot Static System for measuring airspeed)
- SFEENA Standby Generator: (Provides for secondary electrical system)
- Force Trim System: (Provides cyclic stability enhancing movement and minimizing crew fatigue)
- Barrier Filer: (Increased protection from FOD and general dust/dirt ingestion into engine)
- Air Conditioning System: (Increased comfort during hot temperature operation)
- Bleed Air Heat System: (Increased comfort during cold temperature operation)
- Dual NAT Audio Panels: (Allows operation by Pilot/Copilot, Improvement over standard audio system)
- Concord Lead Acid Battery: (Increased performance and reliability over Nicad Battery system)
- Step and Step Handle: (Improves pre flight access to engine deck, trans deck and rotor system)
- Pilot/Co-Pilot Footswitch: (Allows communication without necessity of cyclic only operation)
- Slaved Compass System: (Provides more efficient navigation operation)
- Dart Full Length Skid Shoes: (Improves wear and tear and increases life of skid tubes during operation)
- Van Horn Tail Rotor Blades: (Doubles life of standard TR Blades, increases TR authority by 8%)
- Kaflex Driveshaft: (Increased life 10X over standard Driveshaft reducing cost and downtime)

Total Time: 10148.3

Rolly Royce


Premier Dual Pilot IFR Config: SH8423SW
- KGS Static Inverter
- Sextant Force Trim Unit (Pilot and Co-Pilot)
- Sextant Gyro Horizon
- Enlarged Instrument Panel
- Soderberg Cockpit Spotlight Qty (2)
- United Instruments Turn/Slip Indicator Qty (2)
- United Instruments Pilot IVSI
- United Instruments C/P Alt, Turn/Slip, Airspeed
- SFENA Standby Generator
- Leach IFR Master Relay
- IFR Avionics as listed on page 2
- Auxiliary Battery
- AMSAFE 5-point Pilot/Copilot Seats
- NAT AA95 Pilot Audio Panel
- NAT AA95 Co-Pilot Audio Panel
- Bendix King KT-76A Transponder w/Encoding Alt.
- Bendix King KX-165A VHF Nav/Com
- Garmin GNS-430 # 2 Nav/Com/GPS
- Bendix King KR-87 ADF
- Bendix King KNI-582 RMI Pilot and Co-Pilot Qty (2)
- Bendix King KR-21 Marker Beacon Receiver
- Bendix King KA-33 Avionics Cooling Fan
- Bendix King KCS 55A Compass system Qty (2)
- Bendix King KI-525A Indicator
- Bendix King KC-103A Directional Gyro Qty (2)
- Davtron Digital Clock
- United Instruments Turn/Slip Indicator Qty (2)
- United Instruments Pilot IVSI Co-Pilot VSI
- Sextant Gyro Horizon Indicator Qty (2)
- Sextand Force Trim System Pilot and Co-Pilot
- BF Goodrich Standby Attitude Gyro #3
- Shadin Fuel Flow System
- SFENA Standby Generator and Battery


Base White with Orange Striping and Black Nose


Gray Fabric Seat with Gray Carpet

Additional Equipment

- Dual Controls (Pilot and Co-Pilot)
- Standard Low Skid Gear
- Crew Wedge Windows
- Passenger Wedge Windows
- AFS Inlet Barrier Filter SR09451RC
- Kaflex Driveshaft SH7767SW
- Air Comm Air Conditioner SH2750NM
- Air Comm Bleed Air Heater SH3887NM
- Altair Intellistart System SR00113BO
- Altair Data Transmission Unit SR00207BO
- Van Horn Tail Rotor Blades SR02294LA
- Diamond J Digital TOT Gauge SR00031LB
- Concorde Lead Acid Battery SR00318SE
- Heliplex RH/LH Rubber Chin Win. SH5850SW
- Dart Skid Shoes SA00475SE
- Engine Savenge Filer SH200GL
- AAI Maintenance Step/Step Handle SH1281SO
- AAI Crew Door Openers SH1990SO
- AAI Passenger Door Openers SH1990SO
- Co-Pilot Vertical Speed Indicator SH8435SW
- Shadin Fuel Flow Indicator SH582GL
- Whelen Strobe Light/Lndg Light SA800EA


To be delivered with current Annual Inspection.

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