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2008 BELL 407HP

Reg # N408TD


  • 2008 BELL 407HP Photo 2
  • 2008 BELL 407HP Photo 3



206-706-341-125 Cerao Hook Provisions
407-705-601-109 Interior Standard
407-706-015-101 Fire Detection Svstem
407-705-605-101 Armrests -Standard
407-705-701-11 1 Seats - Standard
407-706-004-101 28 Amp Hour Batterv
407-706-020- 101 Max Internal Gross Weloht
Kits & STC's
407-536-101/102 AAI Folding maintenance Steos
407-532-101 AAI Pre-Flloht Step Handles
407-451-131 AAI Crew Co-Pilot Floor Protector
407-451-132 AAI Crew Pilot Floor Protector
407-452-121 AAJ Passenoer Floor Protector
407-511-103 AAJ Crew Door Ooener
407-512-103 AAI Passenaer Door Ooener
206-510-214 AAJ Baaaaae Door Ooener
407-460-001 AAI Soacemaker
407-453-101 AAI Baacaae Floor Protector
407-540-009 AAI Crew Window with Sllde UH
407-540-010 AAI Crew Window with Slide R/H
407-541-009 AAI Passenaer Window with Slide UH
407-543-101 AAI Chin Bubble Window UH
407-543-102 AAI Chin Bubble VVlndow R/H
407-548-003 AAI Skvllaht Window UH
407-548-004 AAJ Skvllaht Window R/H
407-546-121 AAI Windshield UH
407-548-122 AAI Windshield R/H
407-559-003 AAJ Litter Door Window UH
407-559-004 AAI Fixed Panel Window R/H
407-881-002 AAI Avionics Console
407-323-002 AAI Hat Rack Safetv Net
407-561-052 AAI Passenaer Door Push Out Window
AAI Collective Safetv Cover
AAJ Cvchc Suol)Ort Safetv Cover
Aero-Dyne MGT & Torcue System
407-030-111-101 Aero Deslon Fwd Fittma
60620-01 Aero Deslon Block
407H-201 Air Comm Bleed Air Cabin Heater
407H-201 Air Comm Enalne Bleed Air
D206-559-013 Dart Bearpaws
E407-789-011 Eacle Honeywell Engine Conversion
1003-01-001 Eaale Inlet Barrier Filter
200-329-00 Outboard Carao Hook Svstem
200-331-00 Onboard E-87 Welahlnc Svstem
528-029-00 Onboard Cargo Hook
210-034-02 Onboard Systems Cargo Hook Load Cell
122012410-2 Precise Flight Pulse Light
Tanis Heater Svstem
Fuel Flow Transducer
SSD120 Encoder
ELT Remote Switch
ELT Antenna
Artex 406 ELT
CVclone Cooling Fan
AMS-44 Audio Panel
DSAT-300 Sat Tracker with Batterv
STS00692 VlllFIModem





Helicopter Flight Services, Inc


Phone: 954-818-7000

Alternate Phone: 212-355-0801

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