Cessna 210

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Propjet Aviation
Santa Rosa CA 95401
Alternate Phone: 707-284-9777
Aircraft Summary
Current owner is the 3rd owner since conversion. Current owner purchased Sept 2009 and has collectively flown this aircraft 1554.4 hours over the past 9 years….at 1745 hours (hot section due at 1750) PropJet Aviation removed the engine and sent in for HMI, at this time the owner decided that he wanted more power and elected to have the power turbine enhancement done…. the Number 1-2-3-4 wheels and nozzles were replaced, the compressor was modified and the fuel controller modified as per the enhancement requirements…Engine had a plus rating of 15.5 in cruise, I personally picked up the aircraft 3 weeks ago in Kansas MO and flew back to Calif, at 18,000 ft true airspeed all the way was 217 knots.
At the time of engine HMI and P/T enhancement, we installed a new windscreen, had the hydraulic landing gear power pack and drive motor o/h’d, the horizontal stabilizer was removed and had new Cessna improved nose ribs installed with new de-ice boots on the horizontal. We also had the panel upgraded to Garmin G-500 with synthetic vision and GAD43E for auto pilot interface and operation at the G-500 a GTN-750 installed and interfaced with existing Garmin 530W, remote Garmin 33ES (ADSB out compliance) Garmin GMA-35 audio / intercom installed also installed new master caution. The backup system installed at this time was the Mid-Continent MD-302 with battery backup…This aircraft has 1400 hours remaining before hot section is due and has 3147.0 hours remaining before the # 3-4 wheels will need replacement….

Air Frame total time 3617.6
Conversion total time 2098.6
Date of Conversion Sept 2001

Engine Conversion: O&N Silver Eagle Turbine

Engine Make and Model Rolls-Royce 250B17F/2 450H.P. Enhanced
Engine Serial Number CAE-88
Engine total time since new 2098.6
Engine total time since hot section 352.7 since hot sections and power turbine enhancement
All 4 wheels and nozzles replaced

Propeller Make Hartzell 3 blade 90” reversible ///MT 5 Blade on order
Propeller serial number EXA1100
Propeller total time since new 2098.6
Propeller total time since o/h 352.7
Garmin G-500 synthetic vision GAD 43E 7.0 software w/auto pilot preselect
Garmin GTN-750 #1
Garmin 33ES remote txp runs thru GTN750 ADSB compliance “OUT”
Garmin 327 #2 back up txp
Traffic is “TIS” thru the Garmin 33ES transponder
Garmin GMA-35 audio intercom remote runs thru GTN-750
Flight-stream 210 Wi-Fi
Garmin 530W #2 GPS cross fills to GTN750 auto pilot will couple with #1 or #2
Garmin 208 GS V-Loc indicator interfaced to 530W
SAM 302 back up nav system with battery backup
WX-500 Storm Scope
Shadin Fuel computer
New style Master Caution with warning lights
Additional Equipment
De-Ice system Boots condition like new
Glass Thermal pane interior glass tinted New front windscreen 400 hours ago
Air Conditioner Standard Silver Eagle electric air system
Glare Shield New one piece with LED backup lighting
Fuel system Silver Eagle Long range fuel system 147 gallons
Landing lights LoPresti Boom Beam zeon gas landing and taxi lights
Has standard strobe and nav lights with Wheelan LED vertical fin strobe
Damage History None and no corrosion
New Bleed Air Heated Inlet

Propjet Aviation
Santa Rosa CA 95401
Alternate Phone: 707-284-9777
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