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1979 CESSNA 340A

Reg # C-FGZQ


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1979 Cessna C340A
S/N: 340A0670

One of the finest Garmin-equipped 340s on the market today.

Factory Certified for flight into known icing.

Seating for Pilot / Co-pilot plus 5 passengers (Rear Bench Child Seat STC)

Avionics / Equipment:
Garmin GMA™ 345 Audio Panel with Bluetooth® Connectivity
Garmin G500 TXI FLIGHT DISPLAYS 10.6 Touch Screen GDU 1060 with integrated ADAHRS
Garmin GTN™ 750XI – #1 GPS/NAV/COMM/MFD
Garmin GTN™ 750XI – #2 GPS/NAV/COMM/MFD
Garmin GTX™ 345 – ADS-B “In”/”Out” Transponder
Garmin Flight Stream 510
Garmin GSR 56 Iridium Satellite Receiver Worldwide Connectivity
Garmin GI 275 Standby Attitude EIS display Pilots side
Garmin GI 275 Standby Attitude EIS display co-pilot
Garmin GFC™ 600 Digital Autopilot Best autopilot for a twin

Mid Continent MD93 USB/Clock,
Garmin GSB-15 USB,
Seaton Engineering Panel Lights with Dimmer,
Whelen Anti-Collision Lights,
Whelen Orion 500 Tail LED Strobe installed with new panel and avionics.

LED Landing & Taxi Lights installed.
TERRA TRI 20 Radar Altimeter overhauled by Free Flight Systems and installed January 2021.

JPI EDM 790 Twin CHT and EGT monitor installed 2021.

New Bruce’s Custom Covers for engine nacelles and full fuselage 2022.

TT 3750.0

TSIO-520-NB 310 hp, 1800 TBO
LH: Overhauled 14 May 2011 – 672.2 hrs SMOH – 1127.8 hrs TBO
RH: Overhauled 24 Jun 2011 – 672.2 hrs SMOH – 1127.8 hrs TBO
- Maintains sea-level horsepower to 16,000’

McCauley 3AF32C93 – NR – 10 years /1200 hrs TBO
Both overhauled 24 December 2019 – 168.4 hrs SMOH – 1031.6 hrs TBO Heated, Syncrophased

-Main Tanks: 50.0 gal each
-Aux Tanks: 31.5 gal each
-Locker Tanks: 20.0 gal each
-Total: 203 gal (1218 lbs)
-Empty: 4440 lbs
-MTOW: 6290 lbs (Micro VG kit installed.)
-MLdgW: 5990 lbs
Aft Cabin Baggage 340 lbs * STC for 7th seat used with child car seat
Nose Baggage Area 350 lbs
Wing Locker Baggage 40 lbs each

-Max alt w/o O2 23,500’
-Max alt with O2 30,000’ (onboard factory system)
-Vne 235 KIAS
-Vno 200 KIAS
-Va 155 KIAS -15 deg flap 160 KIAS -15 – 45 deg flap 140 KIAS Vle 140 KIAS Vmca 72 KIAS Vyse 100 KIAS Vr 91 KIAS  

Systems Overview:

Main tip tanks: 50 gal useable Cross-fed for emergency use - Vapor and excess fuel from engines are returned to main tanks - AUX pumps supply fuel for priming and start, and backup for engine-driven pumps - Continuous tip tank transfer pump ensures availability of all tip tank fuel to engine supply line during high angles of descent

Aux tanks: 31.5 gal useable -Located outboard of each engine nacelle -Feeds each engine directly - Vapor and excess fuel fed to main tanks - Aux tanks are vented into main tanks.

Wing locker fuel tanks: 20 gal useable - Pumped directly to main tanks with a fuel transfer pump - Annunciator illuminates once wing locker tank completely transferred to mains.

AUX fuel pumps:
- Located in main tanks for priming and starting - LOW runs pump at low speed (5.5 PSI) for vapor clearing, take off and landing. - HI runs pump at higher speed for purging and if engine-driven pumps are not functioning to maintain limited operating power for engines.

28 volt Electrical System:
Powered by 100 ampere engine-driven alternator on each engine.
Each alternator has own regulator and over-voltage protection relay.
One 24 volt battery located in left wing outboard of the engine nacelle.

Landing Gear:
Electrically operated fully retractable system with steerable nose wheel with back up emergency extension under pilot’s seat.
Safety switch on left shock strut prevents accidental retraction as long as aircraft weight compresses the strut.  

In most circumstances bleed air from the turbo charged engines are enough to keep the cabin comfortable. In extreme cold the Janitrol heater is used.

Aircraft is subject to verification of specifications, logs, times, damage and all equipment listed.

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