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The ad you requested is no longer active, however you may be interested in some of the following Dassault Falcon ads:




1967 DASSAULT FALCON 20 for sale -
Two Cargo Falcon 20's N209CA and N218CA, S/N 404 N313K for parts and spares, Several spare CF700 engines, Very large inventory of spares to support an entire cargo operation. N209CA low time for cargo Falcon 20 and all inspections recently completed. ADSB compliant. Flight Docs tracking. Airframe: TTAF: 13340 Engines: Time L/R: 3676/3947 SMOH CF700-2D2 with hush kits installed (several......more.
1981 Dassault Falcon 20F-5BR     SOLD for sale -

Reg. #: N520AW

TT: 10508

Advanced Aviation Sales Inc. - (239) 263-9393




1981 DASSAULT FALCON 50 for sale -
Falcon 50-40 Professionally Maintained High Service Bulletin Status Fresh C Check Inspections Fresh Dry Bay Mod, Tank/Plank Inspections Honeywell TFE731-40-1C Upgraded Engine Conversion Airframe: Total Time: 17,724 Total Landings: 10,850 Engines: HONEYWELL TFE731-40 Time L/R: 8640/9467 Cycles L/R: 5956/6063 JSSI APU: Honeywell GTCP36-100(A) 4,104 Hours Since New......more.

Avpro, Inc. - 410-573-1515




1982 DASSAULT FALCON 50 for sale -
Beautiful, turn-key aircraft! All maintenance current and ready to go as soon as the engine gets done with its MPI. Seller is ready to upgrade! Call me anytime on my cell - Brian Bartunek (407)748-0288. Airframe: Total Time: 13,184 Total Landings: 8,182 Engines: Time: 12678/12594/12594 Cycles: 7913/8059/7830 SMPI: 854/0/311 SCZI: 2214/1493/311 APU: Time: 5570......more.

International Aircraft Marketing and Sales - 941-355-5353




1985 Dassault Falcon 200 for sale -
7200 Total time 2500 hours remaining on both engines 5 Tube EFIS,, ADSB, RVSM Don't miss the chance to own this aircraft. Click here for more details..

Jetsales 77 - 954-205-6908




1987 DASSAULT FALCON 100 for sale -
This Immaculate 1987 Falcon 100 has everything sought after in a Falcon 100; 2C engine upgrades, next 1C not due until late 2025, 5000 landings remaining on the gear, low total time, gorgeous paint and interior. TCAS II, Universal FMS, 110 volt outlets. The performance enhancements to the 2C powered Falcon 100 is spectacular. This aircraft will fly mach .87, yet lands very slowly with great short......more.



1988 DASSAULT FALCON 50 for sale -
Beautiful Falcon 50 available for partnership! Great for flexible missions, this long range/short field aircraft covers 3150 NM plus IFR reserves! 9 seats plus belted jumpseat for passengers, along with 115 CF of pressurized, heated baggage! WiFi, DVD screens, XM Radio, satellite phone, luxurious lavatory, and a microwave and refreshment bar enhance the cabin experience; all with the safety of 3 e......more.

New Century Air Service - (913)768-9400




1990 DASSAULT FALCON 50 for sale -
American Aircraft Sales is proud to present this well-equipped Falcon 50 sn 50-209 For Sale. Airframe: Total Time: 8,910.8 Total Landings: 7,567 Engines: Honeywell TFE731-3D-1C Engine 1: TTSN 8,645.40 Hours / 7,360 CSN / 201 Hours SOH MSP Honeywell TFE731-3D-1C Engine 3: TTSN 8,543.40 Hours / 7,258 CSN / 201 Hours SOH MSP APU: Honeywell GTCP36-100(A) Total Time 5,655.90 Hours ......more.

American Aircraft Sales Inc. - (561) 790-4060




1990 Dassault Falcon 900 for sale -

International Aircraft Marketing and Sales - 941-355-5353




1990 DASSAULT FALCON 50 for sale -
1990 Falcon 50 with Collin Proline 21 --- 50% Factional Ownership Opportunity ONLY. -- Aircraft is Managed and Professionally Flown. Airframe: Total Time: 7,232 Scott MacDonald Aircraft Sales has been engaged by the Owner to locate 50% partner for the Aircraft which is based in Stuart, FL. The Aircraft is crewed and managed by Legacy Aviation in Stuart FL. The Aircraft is well maintaine......more.

Scott Macdonald Aircraft Sales - (772) 781-5900




1997 Falcon 2000 for sale -

Reg. #: N214LD

TT: 9296

Airframe: Landings: 7,314 Engines: TSN L/R: 8456/8597 CSN L/R: 6541/6688 MSP Gold FADEC APU: Hnywl GTCP36-150(F2M), Plan: MSP Gold, 4,843 TSN ......more.

The Jet Experts - (818) 939-8160




1999 Dassault Falcon 2000 for sale -

Hopkinson Aircraft Sales - 403-291-9027




2001 DASSAULT FALCON 50EX for sale -
Gorgeous well maintained turn key ready to go 50EX! This aircraft has it all. Great pedigree, great records, USA BASED, WAAS/LPV, ADS-B, WIFI and MSP GOLD. Recent 1C/3C Inspection Feb 2020 by West Star Aviation. Airframe: Total Time: 7,358.1 Total Landings: 4,962 Enrolled on FlightDocs Engines: Enrolled on MSP Gold Engine 1: S/N P-115305 TSN 7,283.60 CSN 4,916 Engine 2: S/N P-11530......more.

Swartz Aviation Group, LLC - (940)455-2900

2006 DASSAULT FALCON 2000EX EASy for sale -

The Jet Business - (917) 414-1995




2009 DASSAULT FALCON 7X for sale -
You can stop looking. This is the Falcon 7X you have been waiting for. • Two top corporate owners, no damage history • ESP Platinum Engines, MSP-GOLD APU • Enrolled on FalconCare since new • EASy II Epic Upgrade w/electronic charts and wx uplink • SBS/LPV, ADS-B Out • FANS 1A (CPDLC & ADS-C) + CPDLC ATN-B1 • SVS/EVS/HUD • Automatic Descent Mode • Gogo AVANCE L5 Internet......more.