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  • 2007 GULFSTREAM G450 Photo 2
  • 2007 GULFSTREAM G450 Photo 3
  • 2007 GULFSTREAM G450 Photo 4


Engines on RRCC, APU on MSP Gold, Airframe on Plane Parts, 14 Pax Aft Galley conf, 2016 Paint, WiFi, High Speed Internet, FANS, CPDLC, P-RNAV, RNP 10. 144 Mo Due Apr/31, 72 Mo Due Apr/25, 48 Mo MLG Due Apr/23, Engines OH Due Jan/27 or 9198.5 hrs.

Total Time: 2,981
Total Landings: 1,294

Time: 2845/2845
Cycles: 1242/1242

Time: 3025
MSP Gold


ADM (Air Data Module) 3 Honeywell HG1153CA02
EVS (Enhanced Vision System) 1 Kollsman
CDU (Control Display Unit) 4 Honeywell 7028140-901
DCU (Display Controller) 2 Honeywell 7007540-809
EBDI (Standby Bearing Distance Indicator) 1 Hughes
ISFD (Integrated Standby Flight Display) 1 L-3 501-1871-0101
MCDU (Multifunction Control Display Unit) 3 Honeywell 7025725-951
DMU (Data Management Unit) 1 Honeywell 7031051-901
ADF (Automatic Direction Finder) 2 Honeywell 7510114-855
DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) 2 Honeywell 7510184-855
VHF (Voice Data Radio) 2 Honeywell 7026201-813
XPDR (Transponder) 2 Honeywell 7517402-970
GPS (Global Position System) 2 B/E AEROSPACE 245-604067-100
EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System) 2 Honeywell 7028419-1904
TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) 1 ACSS 7517900-55020
IIRU (Inertial Reference Unit) 3 Aerocontrol Lex
SATCOM (Satellite Communications) 1 HGA-6000
CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) 1 Honeywell 980-6023-002
FDR (Flight Data Recorder) 1 Honeywell 980-4710-003


Base Paint Color(s): White
Stripe Color(s): Green and Blue
Last Painted Date: January 2016


Number of Passengers: Fourteen-passenger configuration, aft galley
Galley Location: Aft galley includes high-temp oven, microwave oven, two TIA coffee makers
Forward Cabin Configuration: Four single club seats with two executive tables
Mid Cabin Configuration: Two single club seats with an opposing four-place divan with end cabinets
Aft Cabin Configuration: Four-place conference group with an opposing credenza
Lavatory Location(s): Forward crew vacuum lavatory and aft passenger vacuum lavatory
Jumpseat In the pilots cabin

Galley Equipment:
Microwave: Yes
High Temp Oven: Yes
Coffee/Espresso Maker: Yes

Display/TV Monitor(s): 2 Rockwell Collins
Airshow System: 1 Rockwell Collins
LCD personal monitors: 6 Rockwell Collins
Multiregion dual digutal video disc players 2 Rockwell Collins


144 Months Inspection: Performed: April, 2019. Due: April, 2031
72 Months Inspection: Performed: April, 2019. Due: April, 2025
48 Months Inspection of MLG: Performed: April, 2019. Due: April, 2023

Atlantic Point Aviation


Phone: 305-921-9183

Alternate Phone: 787-460-4507

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