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  • 2008 GULFSTREAM G550 Photo 2
  • 2008 GULFSTREAM G550 Photo 3
  • 2008 GULFSTREAM G550 Photo 4
  • 2008 GULFSTREAM G550 Photo 5
  • 2008 GULFSTREAM G550 Photo 6
  • 2008 GULFSTREAM G550 Photo 7
  • 2008 GULFSTREAM G550 Photo 2
  • 2008 GULFSTREAM G550 Photo 3
  • 2008 GULFSTREAM G550 Photo 4
  • 2008 GULFSTREAM G550 Photo 5
  • 2008 GULFSTREAM G550 Photo 6


144 Month Inspection + Horizontal Stabilizer SB in 2020 by Gulfstream Savannah, New Paint in 2019 by Gulfstream Appleton, One Private Owner Since New, Currently Available for Viewing in the US

Total Time: 4,110
Total Landings: 1,379

Time: 4110/4110
Cycles: 1379/1379

Time: 3594


• Four Honeywell DU-1310 Flat Panel Display Units
• Dual Honeywell DC-884 Display Controllers
• Single Honeywell DP-884 Display Brightness Panel
• Single Honeywell/Kollsman Visual Guidance System (VGS)
• Triple Honeywell MAU-913 Modular Avionics Units
• Single Honeywell GP-500 Flight Guidance Panel
• Triple Honeywell MC-850 Multifunction Control Display Units
• Triple Honeywell AZ-200 Air Data Modules
• Single Honeywell WU-880 Weather Radar Receiver/Transmitter Antenna
• Dual Honeywell WC-884 Weather Radar Controllers
• Triple Honeywell IR-500 Laseref V Micro Inertial Reference Units
• Dual Honeywell MRC-855A Modular Radio Cabinets
• Triple Honeywell AV-900 Audio Panels
• Single Honeywell MT-860 Third Navigation/Communication Cabinet
• Dual Honeywell RT-300 Radio Altimeters
• Triple Honeywell Primus II Epic VHF Comm Modules w/ 8.33 Spacing
• Single L3 Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)
• Single Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) Control Panel
• Single L3 Digital Flight Data Recorder (FDR) 88 Parameter
• Dual Davtron Digital Clocks
• Single L3 EBDI-4000 Radio Magnetic Indicator (RMI)
• Single L3 Magnetometer
• Single L3 GH-3100 Standby Attitude/Airspeed/Altitude Indicator
• Single L3 RT-951 TCAS 2000 with Change 7.1
• Dual Mason Cursor Control Devices
• Single MagnaStar Radio Telecommunication Unit (ARTU)
• Single MagnaStar Duplexer/Low Noise Amplifier (D/LNA)
• Single Miltope Printer (cockpit)
• Single Chelton Satcom Antenna


• Matterhorn White with Bronze, & Dark Blue Stripes (completed in 2019 by Gulfstream Appleton)


16 Passenger Forward Galley Floorplan Featuring:
• Galley/Vestibule: Forward Crew Rest and Crew Lav, High Temperature
Oven, Microwave Oven, Coffeemaker and Espresso machine
• Fwd Cabin: Four Executive Single Seats
• Mid Cabin: Four Place Conference Group opposing Credenza
• Aft Cabin: Two Berthable Four-Place Divans. Separated from Mid-Cabin
by Pocket Door

Cabin Entertainment Features:
• Airshow 4000 with External Cameras
• Two Multi-region DVD Players
• 20” Monitor - Fwd RH Bulkhead
• 17” Monitor - Aft RH Bulkhead
• 7” Personal Monitors
• Cabin Stereo Speaker System with 10x DTSystems Speakers and 4x DTSystems Subwoofers
• Enhanced Soundproofing
• MagnaStar Dual-Channel C-2000 Phone System
• Aircell Axxess EZ System Provisions
• Honeywell HD-710 High-Speed Data System
• Broad Band Multi-Link System (BBML) 64
• ATG Electric Window Shades

Additional Equipment

• Honeywell LSZ-860 Lightning Detector System
• Satcom High Speed Data (HD-128)
• Broad Band Multi-Link System (BBML)
• External Camera System
• CMS-400 System
• ATG Injection Molded Elec Window Shades

ASC 002B Digital Flight Recorder System Upgrade (88 parameters)
ASC 035A (Part 1) EASA/JAA Cert - Basic Requirements
ASC 049 Lighting Sensor System (LSS) Installation
ASC 053 Comm Management Fnc Arinc Direct-Datalink
ASC 070 Nose Landing Gear Door Actuator Modification
ASC 73 Nose Gear Uplock Hook Spring Replacement
ASC 73A Nose Gear Uplock Hook Spring Replacement
ASC 74A Dual Brake Metering Valve Replacement
ASC 77 Decal Installation - Remote Oil Servicing Panel
ASC 78 Potable Water System Purge - Placard
ASC 79 Main Landing Gear Emergency Line Modification
ASC 80, Am1, Am2 Mod - Wing Rear Beam - Flight Spoiler Actuator Att Point
ASC 82A Tail Compartment Ladder - Hinge Pin and Placard
ASC 002D Digital Flight Recorder System Upgrade (88 Parameters)
ASC 008D Placard and Marking (ATA11) MGWT 75,000lbs
ASC 014A CAT II Annunciation
ASC 053A CMF Arinc Direct
ASC 075A LED Tail Installation
ASC 083A Planeview Avionics Enhancement (Certification Foxtrot)
ASC 084B, Rev.C, D Enhanced Navigation
ASC 094B Landing Gear Door Close - Restrictor Installation
ASC 103 TCAS 7.1
ASC 104 Aileron Cable Penetrations at FS 576.5 Floor Beam - Rework
ASC 105, Rev.B, C ADS-B Out
ASC 107 Planeview Avionics Enhancement
ASC 112 Elevator Hardover Prevention System (HOPS)
ASC 113A Planeview Avionics Enhancement
ASC 116B Nose Landing Gear Electrical Harness Installation
ASC 120 Hydraulic EDP Case Drain Routing
ASC 122 Air Conditiong Pressure Supply Line
ASC 123C Planeview Avionics Enhancement
ASC 134 Hydraulic Auxiliary Pump Grounding Installation
ASC 137A AV-DEC Gasket Installation on Horizontal Stabilizer
ASC 908A Planeview Avionics Enhancement
ASC 910 Planeview Avionics Enhancement
ASC 911A Planeview Avionics Enhancement
ASC 912C Planeview Avionics Enhancement


2C Check - 24MO last c/w July 2020 @ 3885/1267 Hrs/lndgs next due April 2022
3C Check - 36MO last c/w July 2020 @3885/1267 Hrs/lndgs next due April 2023
4C Check - 48MO last c/w July 2020 @ 3885/1267 Hrs/lndgs next due April 2024
5C Check - 60MO last c/w March 2018 @ 3451/1108 Hrs/lndgs next due May 2023
6C Check - 72MO last c/w July 2020 @ 3885/1267 Hrs/lndgs next due April 2026
8C Check - 96MO last c/w April 2016 @ 2935/953 Hrs/lndgs next due June 2024
144 MO Inspection last c/w July 2020 @ 3885/1267 Hrs/lndgs next due July 2032

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