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1995 Gulfstream GIVSP sn 1268

Reg # N888MF


  • 1995 Gulfstream GIVSP sn 1268 Photo 2
  • 1995 Gulfstream GIVSP sn 1268 Photo 3
  • 1995 Gulfstream GIVSP sn 1268 Photo 4
  • 1995 Gulfstream GIVSP sn 1268 Photo 5
  • 1995 Gulfstream GIVSP sn 1268 Photo 6
  • 1995 Gulfstream GIVSP sn 1268 Photo 7
  • 1995 Gulfstream GIVSP sn 1268 Photo 2
  • 1995 Gulfstream GIVSP sn 1268 Photo 3
  • 1995 Gulfstream GIVSP sn 1268 Photo 4
  • 1995 Gulfstream GIVSP sn 1268 Photo 5

Date of Manufacture (CofA):    June 13, 1995

Entry into Service:                   February 9, 1996


Airframe:         9,100 Hours                              4,887 Landings


Engines:          Rolls-Royce TAY 611-8                   

Enrolled on 100% JSSI for Overhaul and Midlife Events



S/N: 16655        8,737 Hours      4696 Cyc      TSO: 1,984 Hours      TSMLI: 300 Hours

Overhaul/20 Year Calendar c/w March 2011 at 6,753 Hrs.  Due March 2031 or 14,753 Hrs.

Mid-Life/10 Year Calendar c/w January 2021 at 8,437 Hrs.  Due January 2031 or 12,437 Hrs.



S/N: 16656        8,737 Hours      4,696 Cyc      TSO: 1,984 Hours      TSMLI: 300 Hours

Overhaul/20 Year Calendar c/w March 2011 at 6,753 Hrs.  Due March 2031 or 14,753 Hrs.

Mid-Life/10 Year Calendar c/w February 2021 at 8,437 Hrs.  Due February 2031 or 12,437 Hrs.


APU:  Honeywell GTCP36-150 (G)        SN: P-663-C      8,083 Hrs

Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold


Major Aircraft Service Changes, Enhancements, & Upgrades:

Honeywell CD-830 Control Display Units (CDU) Upgrade

ADS-B Out v2 (DO-260B) – STC ST03424CH

ASC 069B                     Flap Asy Ind-Install

ASC 085 AMI                APU Fuel Feed Line

ASC 190                       Max Land Wt (66K Lb) & Max Ramp Wt (75K Lb) - Incorporated in Production

ASC 320B                     Maximum Landing Gross Weight – 58,500 Lbs.

ASC 381                       Heated Wheel Well

ASC 407A                     Rib Install Flap D Track

ASC 430                       Windshield Heat Ctl Rel

ASC 463A P2                Improved Hydraulic Acoustic Filter

ASC 464                       DL950 Data Loader Installation

ASC 465A                     APU 36-150(G) Installation

ASC 469                       Water Line Ribbon Heater - Upgrade

ASC 477A                     (Dual NZ) FMS 6.1 NZ-2010 System w/ SBAS / WAAS / LPV GPS Installation

ASC 480                       TCAS 7.1 Installation

ASC 501B                     Gust Lock Throttle Interlock – Retrofit


Sperry SPZ-8400

Dual Honeywell NZ-2000 FMS w/ 6.1 Software & SBAS / WAAS / LPV GPS

Dual CD-830 Cockpit Display Unit

Triple Honeywell Laseref II IRS

Triple Collins VHF-422D Comm (8.33 Spacing)

Dual Collins ADF-462

Dual Collins DME-442

Dual Collins VIR-432 w/ FM Immunity

Dual Collins TDR-94D Mode S Transponder w/ Enhanced Flight ID & ADS-B Out v2 (DO-260B)

L-3 Communication CVR

Fairchild F-1000 DFDR

Honeywell LSZ-850

Dual RTU-4220

Dual Honeywell 12-Channel GPS

Honeywell TCAS II w/ Change 7.1

Honeywell Mark V EGPWS w/ Windshear

Primus 880 Color Radar

Dual Honeywell RT-300 Radio Altimeter


Artex 406 ELT

Dual Collins HF-9000 w/ Selcal


Additional Features:

Lead Acid Main Batteries

Airshow 4000

Cabin 110V AC Outlets

Gogo ST 4300 SATCOM Advanced 2-Channel Iridium Satellite Telecommunication System

Vision Safe EVAS

Securaplane Security Camera System

DVD Player

Flight Attendant Call System

Four (4) 14’ LCD Bulkhead Monitors                              
Data Loader

Electric Window Shades                                               
Pneumatic Cabin Doors

Pulse Light System

RVSM Certified/FM Immunity/RNP-5/RNP-10



Engines Enrolled on 100% JSSI for Scheduled Overhaul and Midlife Events

APU Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold

Avionics Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Avionics (formerly HAPP)

Maintenance Tracked on Gulfstream CMP

On Factory-Recommended Maintenance Program in Accordance w/ FAR 91.409(e)(f)(3)

Previously Operated on EJM’s FAR 135 Certificate


Majority of CMP Codes Completed and Next Due as follows:


INSPECTION                                        LAST COMPLETED                  NEXT DUE

12 Mos.                                                11/22 @ 9,086 Hrs.                   11/23

24 Mos.                                                12/22 @ 9,086 Hrs.                   11/23 & 11/24

48 Mos.                                                12/22 @ 9,086 Hrs.                   11/26

60 Mos.                                                11/20 @ 8,735 Hrs.                   11/25

72 Mos.                                                12/18 @ 8,451 Hrs.                   12/24

144 Mos.                                              03/13 @ 7,385 Hrs.                   03/25

192 Mos.                                              03/11 @ 7,051 Hrs.                   03/27


Weight & Balance:

Basic Empty Weight:                 43,043 Lbs.

Basic Operating Weight:            44,244 Lbs.

Maximum Ramp Weight:            75,000 lbs.

Max Takeoff Weight:                 74,600 lbs.

Max Landing Weight:                 66,000 lbs.


Interior:                                                           Refurbished April 2006 at Gulfstream – Savannah, GA

Fourteen (14) passenger Aft Galley Floorplan fire-blocked interior featuring a crew jump seat, right-side forward crew lavatory, aft main galley and galley annex, aft main lavatory, aft baggage compartment, and electric window shades.  The main cabin features a forward-cabin 4-place club, a mid-cabin 4-place club, and a separate aft compartment (featuring a pneumatic sliding door) that includes a left-side 4-place divan opposite a 2-place club.  The forward, mid, and aft cabin 2-place clubs include stowable executive writing and dining tables between the opposing club chairs.  The club chairs are upholstered in a light tan leather, divan in coordinating fabric, dado panels are a solid taupe-colored leather, all complemented by a light beige textured carpet.  The wood/cabinetry is a high-gloss medium stained maple woodwork veneer complemented by polished gold plating on all hardware, fixtures, & switch panels.

Two (2) Winslow 12-man life rafts (with 18-man overload) beneath divan.


The full-service Aft Galley is equipped to provide full meal and beverage service to passengers and is equipped with a sink and faucet assembly, crystal storage, coffee maker, 2 each microwave/convection (combo) ovens, cutlery storage, crystal storage, ice compartment, waste container, can drink storage, and miscellaneous storage.  The private aft lavatory and dressing area features a mirrored, lighted vanity, sink, flushing toilet, ample closet and storage areas, and in-flight accessibility to the spacious walk-in aft baggage compartment. 


Cabin entertainment includes Four (4) 14” flat screen LCD fixed bulkhead monitors, five (5) Rosen 10” plug in LCD monitors throughout the cabin, Airshow 4000, DVD player and a 10 CD changer.


Exterior:         New Strip & Paint Accomplished January 2012 at Duncan Aviation – Battle Creek, MI

Snow White Upper Fuselage with Fighter Blue Lower Fuselage with Rosa Corsa Red Stripes.



Aircraft is Hangared at Wilmington Airport (ILG) in New Castle County, DE, USA.

Leading Edge Aviation Solutions


Phone: 201-891-0881

Fax: 973-352-6350

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