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1994 Hawker 800 A

Reg # N826GC


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Very well maintained 1994 Hawker 800A with newer paint, on MSP Engine program, HAP avionics program (up for renewal), no major maintenance items due for many years, and all of the right options! Dual Honeywell EDZ-817 EFIS Comm: Dual RCZ-833B Nav: Dual RNZ-850 FMS: Dual NZ-2000 with 5.0 software Dual GPS Autopilot: DFZ-800 Flight Director: Dual DFZ-800 Radar: Primus 870 ADF: Dual RNZ-850 DME: Dual RNZ-850 RMI: Displayed on ED-800 Audio Panel: Dual AV-850A Transponder: Dual RNZ-850 Radio Altimeter: AA-300 TCAS: TCAS II with Change 7 CVR: CVR A100A HF: Dual KHF-950 w/SELCAL Phone: Wulfsburg Telephone w/2 handsets Additional: Mark VII EGPWS (upgraded software version) with Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS) FM Immunity LSZ-850 Lightning Sensor Artex ELT - 406 mhz. ADS/B-Out. Dee Howard Thrust Reversers RVSM capable Pulse Lights LoPresti Boom Beam Taxi and Landing Lights N1 Deec's Long Range Oxygen Electronic Flight Bag APU Inflight Capability.

TTAF: 6,750

Honeywell International TFE731-5R-1H
TSN L/R: 6711/6749
CSN L/R: 5103/5122
Turbofan Engines,Time Between Overhaul (TBO/TBCI) Hrs: 4200 / 4200

Est. 5,500 Hours Remaining Until OH


ADF- 1: Honeywell DF-851
ADF- 2: Honeywell DF-851
Air Data Computers: Honeywell Not Specified
Airspeed Indicator - Standby: Not Specified Not Specified
Angle of Attack Indicator: Safe Flight Not Specified
Altimeter - Standby: Meggitt Avionics ESFD Mk2
Attitude Indicator - Standby: Meggitt Avionics ESFD Mk2
Audio Selector Panel - L: Honeywell AV-850A
Audio Selector Panel - R: Honeywell AV-850A
Autopilot/AFCS: Honeywell FZ-800
Chronometer - L: Davtron Digital
Chronometer - R: Davtron Digital
Cockpit Voice Recorder: Fairchild GA-100
COM - 1 (VHF): Honeywell RNZ-850 w/ 8.33 Spacing
COM - 2 (VHF): Honeywell RNZ-850 w/ 8.33 Spacing
COM - 3 (HF): Bendix-King KHF-950 w/ Selcal
Compass - Magnetic: Not Specified Not Specified
DME - 1: Honeywell RNZ-850
DME - 2: Honeywell RNZ-850
EADI Display - L: Honeywell Primus II SPZ-8000
EADI Display - R: Honeywell Primus II SPZ-8000
EGPWS: Honeywell Mark VII w/ Windshear
EHSI Display - L: Honeywell Primus II SPZ-8000
EHSI Display - R: Honeywell Primus II SPZ-8000
ELT: Artex 406-2
Flight Data Recorder: Not Specified Not Specified
FMS - 1: Honeywell FMZ-2000 w/ Dual GPS
FMS - 2: Honeywell FMZ-2000 w/ Dual GPS
Intercom: Honeywell AV-850A
Lightning Detection System: Honeywell LSZ-850
Marker Beacon: Honeywell AV-850A
Multifunction Display: Honeywell Primus II SPZ-8000
NAV - 1: Honeywell RNZ-850
NAV - 2: Honeywell RNZ-850
Satellite Link: Aircell AHSI System
TCAS System: Honeywell TZC-910
Transponder - 1: Honeywell RCZ-850
Transponder - 2: Honeywell RCZ-850
Weather Radar: Honeywell WU-850
Summary: The avionics and instrument installations are considered to be above average for this make, model and year of production aircraft. Additional upgraded components include a SafeFlight angle of attack indicator, Bendix-King KHF-950 HF transceiver w/selcal, dual Honeywell FMZ-2000 FMS/GPS systems, Honeywell LSZ-850 lightning, detection system and a satellite data system. All components are reported to be in serviceable condition.


Paint: 2017.


2018. The interior configuration on this aircraft is considered to be generally standard for its make, model and year of production. The interior was refurbished during 2018 with a Bentley style d├ęcor seats. Additionally, installed amenities include an Airshow 400/Adonis CD entertainment system; Aircell ST-3100 wireless telephone, USB ports, AHSI internet, facsimile and 110 vac power outlets. The interior is reported to be in overall excellent condition relative to its age and hours of utilization.

Additional Equipment

Equipment Item 1: Aircell ST-3100 Satellite Telephone System and High Speed Internet
Equipment Item 2: Passenger Cabin Airshow 400/Adonis/CD Entertainment Systems
Equipment Item 3: Passenger Cabin AHSI Internet System
Equipment Item 4: Twelve (13) Personal Floatation Life Jackets
Equipment Item 5: One (1) Life Raft
Equipment Item 6: Two (2) First Aid Kits
Equipment Item 7: One (1) Defibrillator
Equipment Item 8: One (1) Crash Ax
Equipment Item 9: One (1) Set of Engine Covers
Only the additional installed equipment determined to have significant relevance to the value of the subject aircraft are included within this appraisal report attached.


Ramp Wt: 27520
Rcmd Cruise: 424
Max Land Wt: 23350
Max Cruise: 442
MTOW: 27400
NBAA Range: 2453
MZFW: 18000
Svc. Ceiling: 41,000
Avionics Program: Honeywell Avionics (HAPP) Program, Next Due: Up for Renewal Right Now: 5/1/2021
Aircraft History - Current Damage: None Reported, Previous Damage History: None Reported

Phase B Inspection - Last Accomplished: 11-05-2015 at 6,653.5 Hours TTAF; Next Due: 7,434.5 Hours TTAF
Phase C Inspection: Last Accomplished: 03-04-2017 at 6,969.4 Hours TTAF; Next Due: 8,509.9 Hours TTAF
Phase D Inspection: Last Accomplished: 09-26-2010 at 5,309.9 Hours TTAF; Next Due: 8,509.9 Hours TTAF
Phase G Inspection: Last Accomplished: 05-20-2019 at 6,910.0 Hours TTAF; Next Due: 05-2023
Landing Gear: Date Accomplished: 05-2019 at 6,910.0 Hours TTAF; Next Due: 05-2026
ADS/B-Out Compliant

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