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Reg # C-FKVU


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TTAF: 430

One of the nicest Kitfoxes out in the Market place today.
This aircraft has been flown regularly.
Built in 2012 in Colorado and imported into Canada in 2015.
Cylinder compressions are 78/80.
Kitfox frame was factory powder coated
Polyfiber fabric

- Replaced main fuel lines with new.
- Rebuilt the seat with carbon fiber overlays to repair cracks in corners, strengthen the seat, and improve aesthetics.
- Rewired the entire aircraft forward of the seats including replacing the Garmin 430 and GMA340 with a GTR200B and Aera 560. Removed the VOR equipment.
- Powder coated all interior panels except the main instrument panel.
- Replaced pilot side rudder pedals with new Puka pedals.
- Replaced plastic brake lines at the calipers with braided.
- Replaced plastic header tank with modern aluminum design
- Replaced lead-acid battery with EarthX 680C
- Installed carbon fiber oil cooler exhaust plenum with electric actuated damper. This provided cockpit-controlled oil temperatures.
- Installed 8 lb counterweight in the tail for CG trim. The aircraft is now ideal CG with heavy Lycoming engine with very good handling qualities and no requirement for baggage when flying solo.
- Installed cooling inlet fronts to trim CHT and oil temps and move away from temporary baffle covers
- Removed painted red stripe on engine cowling
- Welded a doubler on the tailwheel mounting flange to prevent known metal fatigue cracking on Model 5’s. Installed Airframes Alaska T3 tailwheel suspension system.
- Upgraded Avmap Ultra to Garmin G5.
- Replaced pilot side door with new-style bubble with new frame and latch design.
- Replaced tail fairings with new to prevent chafing on horizontal stabilizer.
- Replaced Cleveland wheels and brakes with Beringer dual calipers.
- Replaced tires with tubeless Goodyear 26” bushwheels.
- Replaced Matco master cylinders with Beringer and installed brake regulator for brake power adjustment. Replaced all brake lines with new Beringer design.
- Replaced all rudder pedal torque tubes with new gusseted design to eliminate fatigue cracking risk at the base weld. Reworked the mounting blocks for minimal friction.
- Replaced main control torque tube with new and rebuilt all controls under the pilot seat to remove any friction or freeplay.
- Installed fabric reinforcement tape on the belly to extend fabric life where it contacts fuselage tubing.
- Installed high current USB charger and voltmeter in the cockpit.
- Installed copilot side door with bubble and new design frame and latch.
- Installed new style NACA duct cockpit vent.
- Added vortex generators to wings and tail.

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