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Socata TBM 850

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Avex, Inc.
Camarillo Airport
205 Durley Avenue, Suite A
Camarillo CA 93010-8586
Aircraft Summary
This pristine 2012 TBM 850 Elite with only 1,540 hours is highly updated with the state-of-the-art G-1000 NXi flight deck, and a Hartzell 5-blade composite propeller. SN 612 comes with a Fresh C+ Inspection! Full engine trend data available. Ask us about a customized estimating operating expense (EOE) forecast.

Total Time:1540
Total Landings:1129

Metal structure and skin paneling
Anti-corrosion protection treatment
Electrical pre-select flaps with integrated track
and dissymmetry detector
Bank control through ailerons and spoilers with
trim on left aileron
Retractable gear with electro hydraulic control
Hydraulic disc brakes
Large cabin and baggage compartment
Large access door with retractable stairway
Front storage compartment (not pressurized) with external door
Rear baggage compartment (pressurized)
Emergency exit
Rear fuselage servicing door
Tie-down attachments
Jacking points
Painting and decoration
High-speed pneumatic de-icing equipment
Easy maintenance access doors

Electrical starter/generator
Oil cooler
Inertial separation anti-icing air inlet
Dual exhaust
Servicing doors in cowlings

SN 612 is equipped with the Pratt and Whitney PT6-66D, known for its reliability,
efficiency, and performance. This aircraft comes with a Fresh C+ Inspection, reducing operating and unscheduled maintenance costs for the future owner. The PT6-66D engine is de-rated to operate on less than half of its potential horsepower, allowing continual operation at max power with minimal stress on the equipment.

AVEX is a Pratt and Whitney Service Center, and part of Pratt and Whitney’s First Mobile Repair Team. AVEX is also the largest PT6-66D engine shop in the country. Let our PT6 expert walk you through the complete engine trend analysis.

5-Bladed Hartzell Composite Propeller
G1000 NXi
To include as standard equipment:
Garmin G1000 NXi Upgrade
Airspeed Indicator displayed on GDU 1050A
Vertical speed indicator displayed on GDU 1050A
Magnetic compass
Torque indicator displayed on GDU 1550
Propeller tachometer displayed on GDU 1550
Turbine temperature indicator (ITT) displayed on GDU 1550
Gas generator tachometer displayed on GDU 1550
Oil pressure and temperature indicator displayed on GDU 1550
OAT Indicator displayed on GDU 1050A
Airframe de-icing control panel
Inertial separator control
Parking brake control
Landing gear position monitoring panel
Flap position indicator displayed on GDU 1550
Trim position indicator (elevator, rudder and ailerons) displayed on GDU 1550
Voltmeter and ammeter displayed on GDU 1550
Electric generation controls and monitoring on overhead panel
CAS master caution, master also displayed on GDU 1550 warning and aural warning
Synthetic Vision Technology
GTX345R ADS-B In & Out
Fuel management panel displayed on GDU 1550
Cabin temperature control
Cabin altitude and differential pressure indicator displayed on GDU 1550
Cabin rate of climb indicator displayed on GDU 1550
Heated stall warning system
Digital chronometer displayed on GDU 1050A
Flight time hour meter
Instrument panel lighting
GDL-69A XM Weather & Music
115-volt AC inverter outlets
Flight Stream
The Elite interior offers flexibility and utility allowing you the ability to optimize the rear cabin space for the mission of the day.

The Elite TBM 850 offers 10 different seating configuration options, including the comfortable seating for 4 with the large extended cargo option carrying up to 840 lbs in the cabin.
The TBM is designed with your flexibility requirements in mind to meet your changing needs.

High comfort leather seats
Wooden made retractable working table
Brushed metal color metallic finishing
Carpet Runner
Fully Pressurized cabin (6.2 PSI)
Soundproofing and thermal insulation
Air conditioning
Fully adjustable pilots seats
Reel up 3 points safety belts at all Passenger seats
Pilot & Co-Pilot Seats 4-point safety belts w/quick release
Retractable working table
Airway charts cabinet
Supplementary Oxygen system
Baggage compartment with straps and net

Seat Covers: Tan
Lower Side Panel: Tan
Upper Side Panel: Cream
Carpet Runner: Tan
Wood Trim: Dark Wood
Metal Trim: Brushed Steel
Seat Faring: Cream

-High comfort leather seats
-Wooden made retractable working table
-Chrome color metallic finishing
-115-volt AC inverter outlets
-Reconfigurable interior
Top Fuselage and Wings: White, Bottom Fuselage and Upper Tail: Gloss Grey Alu
Bottom Fuselage Stripe: Pearl Ruby Red, Middle Fuselage Stripe and Lower Tail Stripe: Pearl Mouse Grey, Top Tail Stripe: Gloss Ming Blue

Avex, Inc.
Camarillo Airport
205 Durley Avenue, Suite A
Camarillo CA 93010-8586
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