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2014 Tecnam P2006T

Reg # N532TA


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The Tecnam P2006T is the best selling aircraft for Tecnam, a well known Italian award winning aircraft designer. The aircraft is revolutionary aircraft with a Rotax 912s, specially designed to incorporate the latest technologies including using optional automotive fuel, meaning less cost. The Tecnam P2006T clearly boasts the highest ceiling and climb speed among its competitors. Cruise Speed at 75% is 140 Knots. Climbs over 1100 feet per minute with 15,000 feet ceiling. Max range is over 620 miles, yet lands within 1300 feet and takes over in 1200 feet. Vne is 168 Knots. Two 25.6 gallon tanks.

Airframe Details:
Epoxy composite frame with corrosion proofing. Lightweight, strong modern airframe with stylish multi door option. Wingspan is 37.4 feet. Cabin width is 49.2 inches. Fuselage height is 9.3 feet. Max Takeoff weight is 2712 pounds and Standard equipped weight is 1723 pounds.

Engine(s) Details:
Twim Rotax 9112S 100 HP engine, 4 cylinders liquid/air cooled, integrated reduction gear, with optional automotive or aviation gas. Two fuel tanks with optional automotive fuel capacity. Dual Ignition system, throttle control, 2 MT, 2 Blade Constant Speed Props. This aircraft generates max power at 2400RPM so its fuel efficiency is unique.


GNS430W Com/NAV/GPS Multifunction 10 inch displays. G1-1 06A CVOR/LOC/GS/GPS indicator. ALtitude encoder. GTS 32 Transponder. SL30 CO/NAV. GMA 340 Audio Panel. AV Master Switch. Microphone by Telex. ELT 406 Artex.


White with Grey with Blue Stripes. Sharpe!


Beautiful four leather seats with ample storage.

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