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Brand new Tecnam P2008 Turbo Sleek and Beautiful - The Tecnam P2008 is a high wing, two-place, single engine LSA equipped with tricycle landing gear. The P2008 incorporates a level of comfort, quality and efficiency ideal for training and touring. Pilots enjoy the excellent flight and handling characteristics, wide cabin, generous baggage area, luxurious interior and advanced avionics of the P2008.

The P2008 is physically the largest LSA on the market both in cabin and fuselage size. Its large, smooth carbon fiber fuselage allows high cruise speeds and fuel efficiency. With its carbon-fiber fuselage, metal wings, rudder and stabilator, the Tecnam P2008 has a vast number of advantages over other LSA aircraft. This combination of both composite material and metal has resulted in a more fuel efficient, cost effective and quiet aircraft. The single engine Tecnam P2008’s versatility and ease of use makes it optimum for private touring and for flight training.

Pilots find the P2008 handles turbulence and cross wind landings better than comparable LSA aircraft due to its Large Physical Size, Wing Design and Rudder. Flying the P2008, the pilot quickly appreciates the many features not found on competitive LSA Aircraft such as Toe Brakes, Fully Finished Interiors with sliding seats, Ample Head / Leg Room and the unmatched flight handling characteristics that comes from a company building Quality Aircraft for nearly 70 Years!

N1275T is a Factory New Aircraft with the Rotax 914 Engine, Garmin G3X Dual Touch screens, Garmin Auto Pilot with Blue Level Button, ADS-B OUT and IN plus many other options.

TEAM Aircraft is a factory authorized Dealer for Tecnam USA. Contact us to discuss this beautiful new airplane. 100% Bonus Depreciation Available. Financing Available. Will consider trade-in aircraft.

Carbon Fiber Fuselage
Metal Wings, Stabilator and Rudder
Parachute ready
Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
All Metal Surfaces Corrosion Treated

• Maximum Take-Off Weight: 1,320 lb.
• Baggage Allowance: 44 lb.

• Cabin Height - seat to cover: 3 ft.
• Cabin Width: 3.9 ft.
• Baggage area: 8 cubic feet

Performance - 914 Turbo Powerplant
• Max Cruise Speed KTAS: 118 Kts (75% Power)
• Stall Speed (Flaps Down Power Off) KCAS: 39 Kts
• Practical ceiling: 15,000 ft.
• Rate of Climb: 900 ft./min
• Range: 633 NM

Rotax 914 Turbo
2,000-hour TBO and best in class power to weight ratio

The Rotax powered Tecnam P2008 enjoys excellent fuel efficiency and wonderfully low operating costs. The aircraft can utilize Mogas (Max allowed ethanol content is 10%) or 100LL Avgas. The Tecnam P2008’s versatility and ease of use has established it as both the aircraft of choice for Flight Training Organizations worldwide as well as recreational flyers.

• 4-stroke liquid-/air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders
• Dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet
• Dual electronic ignition
• Electric starter
• Propeller speed reduction unit
• Liquid/Air Cooled, Integrated Reduction Gear
• Tubular Steel Engine Mount

Prop SpecsSensenich Three Blade Ground Adjustable
Garmin G3X Touch with Autopilot!

The Garmin G3X Touch option offers a pilot incredible situational awareness with two large format 10.6” touch screen displays, integrated engine instrument module and includes ADS-B OUT compliance.

GDU 460/465 – Dual G3X Touch Displays
GSU 25 – Dual ADAHRS
Garmin 2 Axis Autopilot for G3X Touch, with auto Trim
Garmin MD 307 Autopilot Mode Controller, Panel Mount
Garmin GAP 26 AOA Heated
GEA 24 Engine Interface Module; GMU 22 MAG; G3X Sensor Kit
GMA 240 Audio Panel
GTR 200 Com
GTX 345R for ADS-B OUT / IN (2020 Mandate Compliant)
GA 55 XM Antenna (Subscription required for service)
GTP 59 Temp Probe
Garmin Connect Ready
XM Weather, Traffic and Music (Subscription required)

OAT Temp Probe

All Screens and Switches Backlit and Dimmable
Additional Equipment
Full Interior and Exterior LED Lighting package
Cold Climate Coolant based Cabin Heater
Magnum Harness - Provisioning for optional parachute
Matte Gray two tone side panels. Leather seats.
White with Vivid Blue/Black/Silver Stripes
Inspection Status:

Factory new July 2018.

Specifications are believed to be accurate and complete, however it is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify and accept the aircraft upon physical inspection of the aircraft and its records.

Team Aircraft
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