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2017 TECNAM P2010

Reg # N143TU


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Looking at 172s & 182s? Why? Here's the perfect combination: The Tecnam P2010 offers more room than a Cessna 182 Skyane and a lot more speed than a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. It's modern design with composite fuselage mated to traditional aluminum monocoque flying surfaces, provides a cleaner, faster airframe with superior maintenance.

This P2010 is more affordable than either of the Cessnas and boasts a full Garmin G1000 avionics suite including the world's current leading auto-pilot: the Garmin GFC 700. ADS-B equipped (in & out) for safety, the on-board GTX 345R transponder provides on-map overlay of Nexrad Radar, Lightning, Clouds, Traffic and a lot more. The 180 hp Lycoming is dual fuel certified straight from the factory and is mated to a 2-blade constant speed propellor. A third door with direct access to the rear seats enhances passenger loading and safety. With premium interior and paint, you fly in style, comfort and safety in this low time P2010.

Note; The pictures shown are dated. Updated pictures are forthcoming.

Special Premium Paint
Premium Interior
Two-Tone Alcantara Leather
3rd Door Access to Rear Seat

Lycoming IO-360
Time: 378 SNEW
TBO: 2000
Duel fuel certified from factory

378 TT
Constant Speed 2-Blade


Garmin G1000 Glass-Panel Suite:
10 " Primary Flight Display (PFD)
10" Multi-Function Display (MFD)
Reversionary Mode PFD (redundancy)
GFC 700 Auto-pilot
Garmin Engine Management System
Garmin Audio Panel
Transmission Voice Recorder
GTX-345R (ADS-B In & Out)
Mid-Continent Back-Up AHRS Attitude and DG.

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Phone: 810-417-9950

Cell Phone: 303-651-6300

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