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1995 BAe Jetstream 41


  • 1995 BAe Jetstream 41 Photo 2


Landings: 23,167
TSN: 14099/18336
CSN: 18619/17008
SMOH: 5054/285
CSOH: 5905/307
TBO: 9000 Hours, Time to OH: 3946 Hours/ 8715 Hours
TSN: 3362/3362
TBO: 5000 Hours/60 Mth, Time to OH: 4444 Hours / 4444 Hours, Calender Due: 27/07/2023


COMMS/XPDR: Honeywell RCZ-851
Integrated NAV: Unit Honeywell RNZ-850
GPS/LRN: Honeywell TNL-8100
Weather Radar: Honeywell WU-650
ELT: Kannad 406 AF Compact
TCAS II: Honeywell CAS-67A
Radio Altimeter: Honeywell RT- 300
EGPWS: Honeywell MK VI
CVR: Universal Avionics
DFDR: Fairchild F1000
AHRS: Honeywell AH-600
DADC: Honeywell AZ-800
Symbol Generator: Honeywell SG-805
DFCC: Honeywell FZ-450
FDAU: Sextant F9111
RMU: Honeywell RM-850
GPS CDU: Trimble TNL 7880
ACP: Honeywell AV-850
Display Unit: Honeywell ED-800
Mode Selector: Honeywell MS-400
RMI: Aeronetics
DME Indicator: Honeywell DI-851
CDCH: Honeywell CD-850
WX Indicator: Honeywell WI-650
CVR Amplifier: Universal Avionics


Seating Capacity: 29
Cockpit Seats: 3
Galleys: 1
Lavatory's: 1

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Phone: +(27) 11 659 1064

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