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1989 Cessna Citation V


  • 1989 Cessna Citation V Photo 2
  • 1989 Cessna Citation V Photo 3
  • 1989 Cessna Citation V Photo 4
  • 1989 Cessna Citation V Photo 5
  • 1989 Cessna Citation V Photo 6
  • 1989 Cessna Citation V Photo 7
  • 1989 Cessna Citation V Photo 2
  • 1989 Cessna Citation V Photo 3
  • 1989 Cessna Citation V Photo 4
  • 1989 Cessna Citation V Photo 5
  • 1989 Cessna Citation V Photo 6
  • 1989 Cessna Citation V Photo 7


Landings: 7,696

Engine Program: Jet Support Services (JSSI) 100%
TSN L/R: 9053/8999
CSN L/R: 7531/7405
Air Cycle Machine: 607


Honeywell SPZ Auto Pilot System
Honeywell FZ-500 Flight Director Computer
Honeywell SP-200 Autopilot Computer
Honeywell PC-500 Autopilot Controller
Dual Honeywell ED-600 Flight Displays
Honeywell ED-800 Multi-Function Display
Honeywell SG-605 Symbol Generator
Honeywell MG-605 Symbol Generator
Honeywell MC-800 MFD Controller
Garmin GTN-750 GPS/NAV/COM
Garmin GTN-650 GPS/NAV/COM
Garmin GA-35 GPS/WAAS Antenna
Garmin GA-37 GPS/WAAS/XM Antenna
Garmin GDL-69 Satellite Data Link
Two Garmin GTX-335R ADS-B Transponders
Honeywell VN-800 VNAV Controller
Collins ADF-462 w/CTL-62
Dual Collins DME-42s w/IND-42Cs
Bendix/King KMR-675 MB Receiver
Dual Avtech Audio Panels
Honeywell Primus 650 Color Radar System
One Transcal SSD120-5A Blind Encoder
Dual Honeywell RMI-36 RMI Systems
L3 TRC-899 SKY899 System (TAS/TCAS I)
Bendix-King KGP-860 EGPWS/Class B TAWS
Honeywell AZ-252 Air Data Computer
Shadin ADC-2000 Fuel & Air Data Computer
Dual Honeywell FX-220 Flux Detectors
Dual Honeywell C-14D Directional Gyros
One Honeywell VG-14A Vertical Gyro
On Honeywell RD-450 HSI Indicator
Fairchild GA-100 Cockpit Voice Recorder
L-3 Technologies AI-804 Attitude Gyro
L3 (JET) PS-835C Standby Power Supply

Additional Equipment

Avionics Master Switch
Windshield Anti Bleed Air
Davtron M877A5V Digital Clock (Pilot)
Zephyr Freon Air Conditioning System
Hobbs Meter
BF Goodrich Wing & Tail De-Ice Boots
BF Goodrich Wheels & Brakes
Gill Lead Acid Battery
Sierra Industries Quick Release Radom Mechanism


Airworthiness Date: May 25, 1989
#1 Engine Overhaul Due at 10,686 Engine Hours. 1,477.9 Hours Remaining
#1 Engine Hot Section Due at 10,689 Engines Hours. 1,481.1 Remaining
#2 Engine Overhaul Due at 10,107 Engine Hours. 898.9 Hours Remaining
#2 Engine Hot Section Due at 10,115 Engine Hours. 907.7 Hours Remaining
Phase 1 through 4 Completed 04/05/19. Next Due 04/30/21
Phase 5 Completed 09/13/18. Next Due 06/30/21
Phase B Completed 02/03/20. Next Due at 9,351 Hours
Phase 11 Completed 02/03/20. Next Due 08/31/20
Phase 18 Completed 02/03/20. Next Due 02/28/21
FAR 91.411 Checks Completed 09/12/18. Next Due 10/30/20
FAR 91.413 Phase 20 Checks Completed 08/21/18. Next Due 08/31/20
Phase 21 Completed 09/13/18. Next Due 09/30/20
Phase 30 Completed 04/05/19. Next Due at 9,659.3 Hours
Phase 56 Completed 02/03/20. Next Due 01/31/21
Phase 64 Completed 02/03/20. Next Due 08/21/20

Supplemental Type Certificates
STC # / Description / Date Installed
ST01691W1 Installation of Garmin GTN Series GPS/COM/NAV System. 10-04-2019
SA1051SO Installation of Gill Battery. 01-10-1996
SAS437SW Installation of Sierra Industries quick Release Radom Mechanism. 07-08-1994
SA3849SW Installation of Zephyr Freon Air Conditioning System. 07-13-1989

Max Take-Off Weight 15,900 Lbs.
Empty Weight 9,369.2 Lbs.
Useful Load 6,537.8 Lbs.
Useful Load Full Fuel 767 Lbs.
Fuel Capacity 5,770 Pounds

N953F, Serial Number 560-0005, was originally delivered new in May of 1989. The current owner is the third owner/operator and has owned the aircraft since November of 2004. This ADS-B compliant, Garmin upgraded, Citation V has been professionally managed and maintained by the current owner and it has always been stored in a hangar when it isn't operating. The aircraft clearly has a strong pedigree.

The airframe has a total time of 9,215.8 hours. The left engine has 9,053.4 hours and the right engine has 8,998.8 hours. The engines are enrolled on JSSI and the hot section and overhaul events are covered 100% by JSSI.

This aircraft has been impeccably maintained by the current owner who has owned and operated it for more than 16 years. The current owner never used it for charter work.

The aircraft has no major damage history but there have been four (4) minor repairs.

The aircraft has always been maintained under a manufacturer's recommended maintenance program pursuant to Federal Aviation Regulation 91.409 (f) (3). The paint and interior were redone in 2015 by Hill Aero and are considered to be in very good to excellent condition with no notable wear and tear.

Charleston Aviation Partners, LLC

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