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Reg # N960SS

$210,000 OBO

  • 1996 EXTRA FLUGZEUGBAU EA 300/200 Photo 2
  • 1996 EXTRA FLUGZEUGBAU EA 300/200 Photo 3
  • 1996 EXTRA FLUGZEUGBAU EA 300/200 Photo 4
  • 1996 EXTRA FLUGZEUGBAU EA 300/200 Photo 5
  • 1996 EXTRA FLUGZEUGBAU EA 300/200 Photo 6


FOR SALE! 1996 Extra EA-200, 875 Hours Total Time, 2 Seats, VFR. $210,000.

TTAF: 875

Time: 875
Lycoming AEIO-360-A1E, 200 hp, 4
cylinders (875 Hr TT)

MT-Propeller, MTV 12-B-C/C183-17e, 3-
blade composite aerobatic constant speed

 Fuel: Injected w/ engine-driven (1) & Electric (1)
Pumps w/ inverted fuel system "flop tank" intakes
 Exhaust System: Gomolzig (4-in-1)
 Oil System: Christen 801 Inverted Oil System
 Starter: Electric (lightweight) (30 Hr TT)
 Oil Coolers: (2) Front/Rear


 Comm/Nav #1: Garmin GNC 250 XL
 Comm #2: Becker AR-4201
 Transponder: Becker ATC-4401
 Engine Monitor: JPI EDM 830
 Intercom: NAT Intercom System (AA83-001)
 Antenna: Garmin GPS; Terra TPX; & CI 122
 ELT: ACK (E-01)
 Primary Flight Display: Aspen EFD 1000 Pro
 ADS-B Compliant: uAvionix skyBeacon w/
integral position light/strobe)

Instrument Panel:
 Aft Cockpit: Airspeed (A/S) Indicator (kts), Altimeter
(ft), Accelerometer (g units), Tachometer, Magnetic
Compass, Oil Temp/Pressure, CHT/EGT, Fuel
Gauges (Wing/Acro Tank), Amp Meter, Alternator
Light, & Pitot Static Drain.
 Forward Cockpit: A/S Indicator (kts) & Altimeter (ft)


Paint (exterior): Yellow and Blue w/ White Trim and Checkerboard on cowling
Grade Scale: Overall: 8/10; Exterior: 8/10


 Grade Scale: Overall: 8/10; Interior: 8/10
Rudder Pedals (Aft): Electrically adjustable w/ toe
brakes; (Front): Toe brakes
 Safety Harness (Forward/Aft): Hooker 5-point
latch/link w/ ratchet adjust (Replaced 2009)
 Seating (Forward) Composite, contour molded,
fixed; (Aft) Composite, contour molded, ground-
 Venting (Front/Rear): Two bezel-operated air
vents (Foreword/Aft) w/ Kool Scoop on canopy
 Mike/Phone Jacks: Standard twin plugs
(Forward/Aft) and 6-pin aircraft-powered plug
(Bose A-20) (Aft Only) & Document Kit

Additional Equipment

 Carbon-fiberglass hybrid w/ composite
empennage structure
 Carbon fiber wing assembly w/ integral tank
 Steerable, lightweight tail wheel
 Steel tube (4130 Alloy) fuselage assembly
 Fiberglass landing gear spring w/ wheel fairings &
hydraulic brakes
 Two-seat bubble canopy
 Composite cowling w/ intake screen
 Composite Wing Sighting Device (45°/90°) (Left)
 Symmetrical wings w/ adjustable aileron spades

 Fuel system w/ wing tanks (2) with total of 30.8 gal (117 ltr) and fuselage (acro)
tank has 8.5 gal (32 ltr)
 Strobe/navigation lights at wing tips.
 Electric stall warning system
 Pitot static system drain
 External Power Receptacle.
 Cabin heater system
 12 vdc battery w/ 40-amp alternator
 Tiedown kit (aluminum rings on wingtips)


This is a certificated (±10 G) two-seat, tandem
arrangement, low wing sport aerobatic monoplane with conventional landing gear providing affordable aerobatic performance. N960SS is well maintained, actively flown, and has completed the 1,000-hour significant items inspection along with other repairs at Cilliers Aviation.

Warren Cilliers


Phone: (904) 599-6930

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