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1968 Mooney M20G Statesman

Reg # N6765N


  • 1968 Mooney M20G Statesman Photo 2
  • 1968 Mooney M20G Statesman Photo 3
  • 1968 Mooney M20G Statesman Photo 4
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Airframe Time: 4771 Hours Total Time
Engine Time: 49 Hours SMOH by Lycon on O-360 A1D 180 HP Lycoming.
Prop Time: 49 SPOH on Two blade Hartzell. Suffix B hub. (No AD)

Useful Load: 1050 lbs
Annual Due: April 2020


Narco CP 135 Audio Panel with 3 LMB
TKM MX11 Digital Com
Marco MX 11 Analog Com
Narco Nav 122 VOR/Glide Slope/Localizer Indicator
Narco Nav 122 VOR/Glide Slope/Localizer Indicator
Narco AT 150 A Transponder with Mode C
Collins 650A ADF with remote BFO
Gen Insight G2 Engine Analyser
Avionics Master Switch
Low Vacuum Warning light
Pilot's side push-to-talk
Analog clock on left yoke
Outside air temp gauge
Hypervox 4 place intercom


Very classic traditional Mooney scheme with dark blue major accents and light blue minor accents on an overall white airframe. Attractive and in good condition. Rated 8 out of 10.


Mostly original side panels and heaqdliner in good condition. Simulated grey leather front seats and mismatched blue velour fabric rear seats. Although dated, in good condition. Overall rated 7 out of 10.


The "G" model is quite rare. It is the carburetted F model. If you know Mooneys the C and E are the short ones, 180 HP and 200 HP respectively. The G and the F are the mid length fuselage (like the J and the K) and are respectivly 180 HP and 200 HP. So in effect a "G is a nine inch stretched M20C, and a very useful and easy to own plane. Complete logs. Based in the dry central valley of Northern California at Lodi Airport in a hangar for many years. Early damage history. No hail. No corrosion.

Additional Equipment

65 Gallons fuel capacity
Manual gear
Hydraulic flaps
Tinted rosen visors
Mooney Positive Control "PC" Wing-leveller "autopilot"
Split back adjustable rear seat
One piece windshield
Avionics access bay in front of windshield
Fuselage strobe
Cambered outer wing leading edge (G and F)
Wingtip Strobes
Brackett air filter
Lasar Cowling closure speed mod, LLC


Phone: (800) 759-9466

Alternate Phone: (530) 642-2806

Fax: (530) 642-9375

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