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Reg # N244AA


  • 1985 SIKORSKY UH-60A BLACK HAWK Photo 2
  • 1985 SIKORSKY UH-60A BLACK HAWK Photo 3


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Total Time: 16443

Time: 5376/3054
Index: 17909/18908

Time: 89


An avionics modernization program to provide state-of-the-art digital avionics for primary flight, Navigation and engine/systems displays, solid-state sensors and area navigation capability meeting FAA Next-Gen 2020 standard requirements:
• Large-format 6” x 8” (viewable area) portrait EFIS/MFD displays
• PFD/MFD pair for both pilot & copilot (4 or 5 displays)
• Each display includes built-in FMS, HTAWS & digital flight recorder (no separate
• Up to four EICAS pages are customizable for customer requirements
• 2x GPS/SBAS receivers with antennas
• 2x ADAHRS provide attitude source to cockpit system & AFCS allowing removal of
heavy, expensive & failure prone gyros
• 2x dual-channel Data Acquisition Units (DAU)
• 3x serial analog/digital converters (SAND) for airframe discrete inputs/outputs
• Radio tuning will be accomplished through the PFD/MFD display to minimize weight,
complexity, cost & failure probability

Autopilot Upgrade - HeliSAS
The fully coupled autopilot and stability augmentation delivers increased safety and workload reduction benefits in a compact, lightweight package:

• Weight – less than 25lbs (this is based on the redundancy of the servos required,
anticipate this weight to reduce)
• Dramatically reduced pilot workload
• Safer, more confident command in demanding conditions
• Autopilot fully-coupled with FMS & navigation radios
• Auto-recover to a neutral attitude in situations where pilot may lose visual reference
• HeliSAS equipped aircraft provide reduced pilot workloads, allowing for rapid learning
during flight & hover

Additional Equipment

• Affordable to acquire & maintain
• Robust & proven in demanding environments world-wide
• Human Machine Interface (HMI) lowers pilot’s workload
• Ability to interface with legacy & mission equipment
• Highly capable, state-of-the-art functionality
• Fewer LRUs offer lower weight, reduced failures rates & improved aircraft dispatch rate
• Compliant FAA NexGen Area Navigation (RNAV), Required Navigation Performance (RNP) standards & LPV approaches
• Night Vision (NVD) compatible

• FAA-certified & in production

State-of-the-art digital avionics suite

• Ideally suited for the special-mission environment
• Open architecture to facilitate growth

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